Tips for a simple packing list to travel 

Travel to explore interesting things, striking scenes, and impressive culture of new lands is a crucial part of your life, isn’t it? Perhaps, one thing you typically feel tired of is the perspective in which you do not know what and how to pack while a stack of items are looking at you with “an imploring manner”. Let’s see tips for a simple packing list to have a comfortable trip as you expect.

Avoid carrying too many clothing items and shoes which probably occupy the large space in your suitcase

Leaving a half of your luggage home

There are too many things you love carrying when travelling, and even you think all of them are indispensable. Hence, let’s pick a suitcase which is a half smaller than the one you frequently use. This is the best way you leave a haft of your luggage home as well as force yourself to just pack the most necessary things.

Limiting the number of clothes and shoes packed for travelling

Another tip on simple packing list to travel is that you should avoid carrying too many clothing items and shoes which probably occupy the large space in your suitcase. If your trip lasts for one week or a few days, three outfits are enough while the two-day just needs one or two sets of clothes. You would be better choosing the multifunctional garments of different styles which are for both daily dressing-up or formal occasions. Going on one of those short trips, you are advised to just bring a pair of your favorite and comfortable shoes.

Considering the size and weight of things you intend to pack

The list of your priority should include light clothes, such as shorts, T-shirts of synthetic fibers, short socks which will not take up too much space. Be mindful that deciding whether such packing should be chosen also depends on the weather of the place where you will travel. Of course, electronic devices like IPad with Ebooks are far better than paper books or magazines.

Utilizing a small handbag

Among tip for simple packing list is also related to using a small handbag. It will be the handbag that is compact and convenient enough to pack your belongings, such as a tablet, a smartphone, a purse/wallet, etc. With this item, your belongings will be best kept from being lost; additionally, it is also considered as the elegant accessory enhancing your image as well as making you cooler.

Making use of the laundry service during the trip

It is clear that you must ask for the laundry service because you have not packed much clothing for your trip. Don’t get worried about that as it is available in most accommodations you will stay. Not only that, washing machines are offered at many premium rooms of the large hotels in the world.

How to pack clothing items neatly

  • Make use of space inside your shoes for small items. Then, put each of a pair of shoes in a ziplock bag and pack it in the possible space in your suitcase.
  • Apart from shirts which are easy to be wrinkled, roll the rest before putting those in the case.
  • Place each same type of small items, e.g. as toothpaste and toothbrush in a ziplock before neatly packing it in your luggage.


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