What to Eat in Da Lat City

To perfect your Dalat city tour, are you wondering what to eat in Da Lat city? Yes, the cuisine is always a hot topic in journeys to explore a new land and especially countries in Asia where the culture may date back to thousands of years. Vietnam is a typical example for such a deserving travel spot. Among places to visit through that beautiful country, Dalat – a highland city will bring you lots of surprising things especially in the art of culinary. Let’s uncover it now!

Steamed flat cake with chicken giblets (banh uot long ga)

Steamed flat cake with chicken giblets

Da Lat is supposed to be the famous highland city of Vietnam with dozen of fragrant specialties appealing to more and more tourists. Each of the tourists once visiting the land gains an unforgettable feeling and wishes to come back in the future after knowing imposing landscapes and what to eat in Da Lat city. One of the unique characteristics found from the romantic city is its stunning cuisine. Banh uot long ga (aka steamed flat cake with chicken giblets is what the majority of tourists always seek to enjoy each time they have an occasion to come here.

This dish is not served with Vietnamese pork sausage  (cha lua), Vietnamese fermented pork roll, and fried shrimp cake as usual; instead, poultry and chicken giblets are bright points of the dish. The harmonious combination of tender steamed flat cake and slightly tough chicken giblets, dipped into the sour and sweet fish sauce forms the mouthwatering flavor, which you never forget.

Grilled sausage (nem nuong)

Grilled sausage

Nem nuong in Dalat is among dozens of specialties you should try for Dalat City tour; the dish is depicted as a fresh meat roll grilled and served with other ingredients, such as rice paper, herbs, pickled carrot, radish, and especially thick peanut sauce. Grilled sausage and those ingredients will be covered in a roll, and you soak it up into the sauce before enjoying. It is so hard to demonstrate the excellent balance of flavor and texture in the food. Exactly, the Vietnamese culinary art found from grilled sausage and its add-ons will tantalize gourmets toward the journey to explore its quintessence.

Vietnamese Pizza (banh trang nuong)

Vietnamese Pizza

In fact, Vietnamese pizza is exactly called grilled rice paper; to make it is too easy since people just put some ingredients on a round sheet of rice paper and grill until it is great to enjoy. The toppings include eggs, chopped meat, dried beef, spring onions, fried tiny shrimps, pork sausage, etc. The pizza will be cut into small pieces and served with chili sauce. There is nothing more brilliant than filling your mouth with a piece of hot Vietnamese pizza in the cool weather of the highland city.

Vietnamese mini-pancake (Banh Can)

Vietnamese mini-pancake

Picked out from what to eat in Dalat, Banh Can (aka Vietnamese mini-pancake) absolutely deserves a culinary delight which will leak into your memory and stay there forever after you have come back home from the trip. It is simple to recognize Banh can since it is described as a tiny rice flour cake fried in round pods over the heat, making it crispy; while cooking the flour cake, people will crack a quail egg and sprinkle a few spring onions on the top. The dish is enjoyed with a slight fish sauce and some vegetables.

Vietnamese meatball sandwich (banh mi xiu mai)

Vietnamese meatball sandwich

Banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich) is very common through Vietnam, and Dalat is also where you can find it, but it is made in a unique way, which people call banh mi xiu mai (Vietnamese meatball sandwich). The specialty is utterly ideal for your breakfast in the highland city. What makes up the exquisite feature and scrumptious flavor of the food is juicy crushed pork meatballs, put inside the bread along with other ingredients, such as pickled carrot, herbs, chili, and cucumber slices. It is brilliant to try for sure!

Dalat papaya and beef jerky salad (Xap Xap)

Dalat papaya and beef jerky salad (Xap Xap)

Although papaya and beef jerky salad is a common dish found in lots of places in Ho Chi Minh city, its flavor made by Dalat people is quite different, so it is actually what to eat in Da Lat city. The first special feature of xap xap is in its name which stems from the sound of cutting jerky by using the scissor. Additionally, on the top of the dish are some crispy noodles, making it fascinating to savor. Often, the food is enjoyed as a light appetizer or snack meal, so it is not fat for most people at all.

Furthermore, while walking in the Dalat nigh market, you should not ignore other specialties which will blow your mind about the cuisine of the highland city, such as banh canh (Vietnamese thick noodle soup), beef or pork grilled on tiles, strawberry ice cream, mix salad, etc.



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