Top Cheap Foods in Saigon You should not Miss

Are you seeking for cheap foods in Saigon for your Saigon day trip? Here are suggestions for you!



Pho – a noodle soup with beef

Compared to the people in other areas through Vietnam, the Saigonese has a wider food selection for their breakfast. However, normally they will first think about pho – a noodle soup with beef after getting up in the morning because it is not only delicious but also nutritious. Hence, enjoying a blow of pho is definitely enough for their busy working morning. In your Vietnam’s beauty – exploring (it is likely to be a Vietnam package tour) you can get the dish from food stalls or restaurants along many streets through Saigon especially at a completely surprising price. It could not be cheaper as you just pay about USD1,5 to have pho for your breakfast.

Hu Tiu

Hu tiu – a rice noodle soup with pork, seafood or other type of meat and vegetables

Besides pho, what is also ideal for breakfast is hu tiu – a rice noodle soup with pork, seafood or other type of meat and vegetables. Its special broth is supposed to attract any gourmet as it is cooked from pork bones and some spices while noodle and other ingredients are tender enough to help your stomach to well digest in the morning. Typically, there are two genres of hu tiu; one is dry hu tiu, and the other is it with broth. Just tell the vendor what you prefer, and you will have a wonderful breakfast. Don’t get worried about the price since it just cost about USD 1 – USD1.5.

Banh Mi

Banh Mi in Vietnam

Just like some kinds of sandwich from western regions in terms of how to shape it, Banh Mi in Saigon is described as a baguette filled with some cucumber slices, shredded pork, shredded pork skin, meatball, slices of steamed pork roll, herbs, black pepper, sauces, scallions, pickles and others. However, the Vietnamese baguette’s taste will be more special due to traditional ingredients and how the locals make it. Just with USD0.5 – USD1, you leisurely savor one at any baguette stall in Saigon.


Broken Rice

Com Tam (Broken Rice in Vietnam)

 It is possible to state that the best choice for lunch on the cheap is broken rice; although it does not cost much money, its taste is absolutely fantastic to experience. It is served on a middle-size plate with broken rice, grilled pork, shredded pork skin, a fried egg, cucumber slices, tomato slices, pickles, and scallions fried with fat. One incredible thing is that just USD1-1.5 is for a meal with broken rice. Do not miss it when you have a Saigon day trip.

Vietnamese grilled pork with rice noodle

Vietnamese grilled pork with rice noodle

Having Vietnamese grilled pork with rice noodle for your lunch is a way to experience a Vietnam trip on the cheap. Despite the fact that this eating is quite cheap and just costs you USD1-1.5, it still ensures you fully learn about the Vietnamese cuisine. The dish looks eye-catching due to colored ingredients, such as orange and white pickles, green vegetables, white noodles, red chilli, light-brown fish sauce and mouth-watering grilled pork. It is with great regret to ignore the food!

Water spinach noodle soup

Water spinach noodle soup

One of the cheap foods you should not miss in Saigon is water spinach noodle soup which you just pay around USD1 for one bowl. The locals normally prefer its broth because of the perfect balance between indigenous ingredients. The most outstanding element is that it must be enjoyed with water spinach – a type of vegetables planted in lots of rural areas in Vietnam. Pick it when you are traveling in Saigon.


Stir-fried Egg Noodle with Beef

Stir-fried Egg Noodle with Beef

Many people typically prefer a light dinner, so a meal rich in protein is not a good choice in the evening. That is reason why a plate of stir-fried egg noodle with beef will be recommended if you do not know what should be chosen for your dinner in Saigon. Especially, it is a stunning dish on the cheap since it just costs USD1-2/set.

Vietnamese pancakes

Banh Xeo (Vietnamese pancake)

Similar to other street foods in Saigon, Vietnamese pancakes are not too expensive to enjoy as a filling dinner with the food is under USD3. It is better if you have it for your dinner and especially in the rain. You will tear one into many pieces, wrap each of the pieces in vegetables, and dip it into sour and sweet fish sauce with chilli. It is surprisingly appetizing for sure.

Rice porridge

Rice porridge is put in the list of cheap foods for a light dinner

Rice porridge is put in the list of cheap foods for a light dinner. It is not difficult to find out a food cart where the porridge is served in Saigon when the dark covers the sky. There is more than one type of porridge, such as pork rice porridge, chicken rice porridge, beef rice porridge, salmon rice porridge, and even fish hotpot with rice porridge.



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