Handy Tips on Safe and Smart Travel in Vietnam

The handy tips on safe and smart travel in Vietnam, listed here will be a considerable contribution to your smooth journey to explore this beautiful country for certain. Do not hesitate to read the blog, and it will open your mind to how to avoid unexpected situations here.  


Motorbikes are supposed to be the vehicle of choice for its inhabitants

It is known that famous metropolises of Vietnam, e.g. Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi Capital are large and hustling enough to make up a complex traffic system. Especially, many streets of those cities are so quite narrow that just a few four-wheel vehicles moving on those can cause congestion. While Vietnam is a developing country, motorbikes are supposed to be the vehicle of choice for its inhabitants; hence, the streets full of the bikes are found at all times, making your street-crossing a terrible prospect when you are travelling in the cities. For safe and smart travel in Vietnam, it is strongly advised that you should avoid renting and riding the bike only by yourself if you are by no mean confident about your skill. Regarding in the case that you must cross the streets without any support from locals or guides, try to keep a steady pace and do not stop in the streets’ middle. One thing anymore is that you should be careful even in the sidewalk in case a few two-wheel vehicles can move on it in order to avoid the heavy traffic during the rush hour


Not carrying your smartphone, cash, camera and other valuables in your handbag while pleasantly walking along the streets

Although Vietnam is rich in cultural traditions and enthralling landscapes to experience, just like other famous travel hotspots in the world, unexpected situations produced by pickpockets and snatchers are inevitable for sure. Perhaps, were you to neglect to keep a watchful eye on your bags, some criminal would suddenly approach you and take it away. Then, the best way for safe travel in Vietnam is not to carry your smartphone, cash, camera and other valuables in your handbag while pleasantly walking along the streets. If you cannot live without purse, it is better to keep it in your front pocket; especially, the pickpockets can pretend to unintentionally be jostled by the crowded and bump on you, and meanwhile his accomplice will start working. Always be aware of everything around you when you go out on the crowded streets.

Overpriced payment

Bargain over the item you intend to buy

Another common scam you should notice when traveling to Vietnam is that what you must pay for is probably overpriced. Despite the fact that not all travel destinations in Vietnam suffer this reputation, some bring lots of travelers a feeling of let-down since they find items and products which are not definitely made by excellent artists, valuable in culture, or meaningful in some aspects cost much more than it is truly worth. The first tip on this matter is that you should be confident to bargain over the item you intend to buy; this case can be met in the local markets. For restaurants having menus without displaying prices, just ask them the price of your chosen dishes before ordering those. Also do the same when you get something from touts along the cities’ streets or use any services in the well-known travel spots, such as accommodation, taxicab, bus, etc.


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