Mekong Superior Cruises

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Mekong Emotion Cruise
per person $349

Mekong Emotion Cruise is the latest added to the fleet of our cruises. It was purposefully designed to meet up specific needs of discerning travelers for comfort and luxury. The cruise measures around 33 meters long and 7 ...

This tour is great for any individuals, couples as well as small groups who want to briefly explore the Mekong Delta’s Maze of Canal Network. Enjoy the scenes and senses of the bustling Cai Rang and Cai Be floating markets. ...

Mekong Eyes Cruises
2 days / 1 night

per person $189

The Mekong Delta Eyes Cruises combines regional boat-building traditions with modern comforts to become the perfect holiday vessel to cruise the Mekong Delta in style. At 39 m long and 8.5 m wide, the Mekong Eyes river cruiser ...

Bassac Mekong Delta Cruise
2 days / 1 night

per person $199

The Bassac Mekong Delta Cruises is entirely built of wood, from the hull of an 80-foot-long rice barge. She can accommodate up to 12 passengers in six nicely decorated cabins, each with air-con and a private bathroom, and ...

Mekong Delta Cruises – Mekong Superior Cruises will offer the best tour programs on board for those who are fond of leisurely enjoying rustic yet untouched landscapes of Mekong Delta, which is also the southwestern Vietnam with the rich culture and fertile soil. Maybe, you have ever had some ideas about this fascinating land via media or your friends who have set foot here, but it is extremely worth beginning a journey to explore it by yourself. The cruises are designed to provide you lots of exciting activities whereby you not only relax in the peaceful atmosphere of the water area, but also absorb a large amount of amazing knowledge about unique characteristics in its culture. Don’t hesitate to book one from our suggestions right now!  

Mekong Superior cruises 2016: Top things to see and do

Cai Be Floating Market

For international travelers who would like to gain countless absorbing things from the Vietnamese culture, life, and people, the more rural the destinations they come are, the easier their approaching is. Why? It is because the countryside often carries the most quintessential charm and encompasses the richness in the locals’ soul and culture. The irrepressible picture of Mekong Delta is a typical reaction about the Vietnam’s hidden idyllic beauty. Here, we can easily find lots of great features in the culture of a water area, and floating markets are one of them. Coming to the Delta region, we should not ignore Cai Be Floating Market, where the local people navigate their boats from different places and gather for their trade in vegetables, fruits, and other products. To be honest, the market is not merely a place for trading, but also where the tradition has been kept.

Cai Rang Floating Market

Picked out as one of the highlights in Mekong Superior Cruises, Cai Rang Floating Market in Can Tho will never disappoint any traveler at any cost because they probably find unique points in the river people’s culture. Situated about 6 km from the heart of Can Tho City, the market vibrantly emerges in the early morning when a large number of boats come for exchanging different farming products and specialties. For the “Mekong Delta’s children”, the market carries a big meaning; it not only helps them earn their living, but is also the home of their happiness to meet together every morning, and the place of preserved traditional culture.

Huynh Thuy Le ancient house

One of the indispensable experiences when we go on Mekong Luxury cruises is visiting Huynh Thuy Le ancient house. It is possible to say that the spot deserves to be lied in our list to explore because of some reasons. Firstly, the house has been considered by Vietnam Federation of UNESCO Association as among the remarkable destinations due to its valuable architectural style. Apart from the architecture, behind it is a romantic story about Huynh Thuy Le, its owner as well as the son of a rich Chinese family and a French writer, Marguerite Duras. They had a passionate affair with each other when the female writer was just 15 years old. After that, she immortalized their romance in “The Lover”, her famous novel which was eventually made into a film.


To attain the most enjoyable moments through rustic villages of Mekong Delta, it is supposed that cycling should be taken into account. Try imagining how exciting it is when we slowly witness rustic landscapes of the countryside on handlebars. Despite the fact that the activity is quite simple, what it brings back will wow us so much. Riding through narrow village paths to orchards is also a good opportunity to know more about the fertile Delta region regarded as the big fruit supplier to other places in Vietnam.

Cooking class

Upon having ever traveled through different regions of Vietnam and actually falling in love with Vietnamese traditional dishes, you are wondering what is the best approach to the quintessence of the S-shaped country’s cuisine, aren’t you? Yes, cooking class is exactly where you can pursue your passion for this cuisine, and Mekong Superior Cruises are designed to offer the cooking program right on board. There is nothing better than enjoying the wonderful scenery of Mekong River while opening your mind to fascinating features in the Vietnamese culinary art.

The best Mekong Delta cruises for tourists

There are different choices for travelers who are seeking for Mekong Superior cruises to experience when making a trip to Vietnam. Of courses, depending on prices and types of boat, the service quality will vary, but in general, all of them meet all standards of a superior cruise with professional crew and staff, well-decorated cabins, panoramic view from the deck, and brilliant activities on board and the shore.

Keep any eye on some following recommendations:

Mekong Delta Emotion Cruise: Emotion Cruise is about 7 meters wide and 33 meters long, and it is especially furnished with heat exchangers in order to make sure the shower water temperature is enough warm.

Mekong Delta Eyes Cruise: it is a harmonious combination of traditional boat-building and modern convenience, making up an ideal vessel for most holidays. Besides, the best services will be provided by well-trained crew.

Bassac Mekong Delta Cruise: the whole vessel was made of wood and could accommodate up to twelve pax since it includes six cabins. Each of the cabins is furnished with air-conditioning and a bathroom. Especially, a restaurant, a gallery, a tiny office and the sundeck are featured in the vessel, making it comfortable and professional.

Song Xanh Sampan Mekong Cruise: Just having four sampans at the start of operating, Song Xanh Sampan Mekong Cruise has brought the best services of a superior cruise for travelers. Today, the flotilla reaches ten, and the service quality is also managed to enhance so that each cruise can meet the high need of the travelers. It is sure that the enjoyable cruise will bring back luxurious and unforgettable experiences about the mighty Mekong Delta. Each of the sampans is furnished with the decoration as a perfect mix of modern comfort and traditional style.


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