Vietnam Daily Cooking Class

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Hanoi cooking class
per person $55

Learn to cook Vietnamese cuisine at a hands-on cooking class in central Hanoi. Just around 4 hours cooking class, go to the local market, and discover the variety of ingredients of the different regions of Vietnam. Chat with ...

Red Bridge Classic Half Day Tour
per person $38

Visit Hoi An’s colorful market, and experience the amazing sights, sounds and aromas of this busy market. We will have the opportunity to interact with the local sellers and learn about all the ingredients to be used in ...

Hue cooking class
per person $52

When it comes to Hue cuisine, it is the simplicity in ingredients but the meticulousness in cooking and serving. The traditional culinary demand that meals must presented aesthetically, harmonizing food elements, decorations ...

Ever wonder if there is anything special in Vietnam daily cooking class? It is supposed that the program is a great chance for those who fancy the art of Vietnamese cooking. While some people choose long journeys to various areas of the S-shaped country, ranging from plains to highlands in order to explore the splendid nature and understand more the locals’ peaceful life, others prefer delving into the quintessence of Vietnamese culinary style and excellent cooking techniques. That is the reason why cooking class is designed to suit their favorite of hands-on cooking experiences and perfects their trip to learn about a new culture.

Why should Vietnam daily cooking class of TNK Travel be chosen?

Experiencing the traditional market culture in Vietnam

Apart from the marvelous scenic beauty lots of international tourists wish to witness when coming to Vietnam, this country also encompasses the richness of traditional culture dating back to a long time. Traditional market where locals gather, buy and sell different products is one of the unique characteristics in their culture. Further different from modern supermarkets, the Vietnamese traditional markets are not merely a trading room, but a place to meet and talk to each other. Even bargaining over the price of each item is also a prominent way for us to realize it belongs to Vietnam. Vietnam daily cooking class from TNK Travel ensures that learners will first grab wonderful experiences at the Vietnamese traditional market, from knowing about exotic ingredients Vietnamese people use to cook their dishes, observing the high-octane scenery at each trading booth, and the way the locals keep this cultural tradition.

Learning skills in cooking unique Vietnamese dishes

Vietnam is famed for rustic yet stunning dishes, and nobody can resist enjoying one. Attending a Vietnam daily cooking class from TNK Travel, learners not only obtain excellent techniques in the art of Vietnamese culinary, but also absorb the locals’ culture via each exquisite recipe. Although the class is designed to just prepare a three-course meal, all what is the so-called quintessence in Vietnamese cuisine will be exposed in your eyes and leak into your mind very quickly. Follow steps introduced by expert chef of the local restaurant, and you can be confident that skills of Vietnamese cooking fall into your hands.

Enjoying the dishes self-cooked

Under the direction of the restaurant’s expert chef, learners will prepare a three-course meal by themselves, including several steps, such as rinsing ingredients, cutting them, cooking a specific dish, and then garnishing it with others so that it looks enthralling. It is great to enjoy each finished dish when it is still hot and before the next recipe is put in motion. It is possible to say that savoring your self-cooked meal is the best way to check your improvement in the cooking skill as well as perceive the success of the cooking class and all unforgettable experiences it brings back for you.

Booking Vietnam daily cooking class at a reasonable price

Having understood all fascinating things a Saigon daily cooking class conveys to each learner, you would indeed like to get full experience, wouldn’t you? Nonetheless, price is still a concern you are taking into account. Don’t get worried about anything while TNK Travel offers the class at a reasonable price. Besides, there are frequently massive discounts on this program whereby you just pay a little for a big benefit. Feel free to immerse into the opportunity of exploring Vietnamese culture through learning about the art of culinary and mastering unique Vietnamese recipes.

The most popular daily cooking class in Vietnam

Saigon daily cooking class

To be honest, there is more than one program of cooking class from different restaurants in Saigon, but all provide learners with the best experiences. One of them is surely Saigon daily cooking class from TNK Travel. Not only is the program ideal for discovering the Vietnamese culinary art, but also bought at the ideal price for everyone.

Hanoi cooking class

While visitors first landing in Ho Chi Minh City pick out Saigon daily cooking class, for others with their first arrival of Hanoi, Hanoi cooking class in varied options is worth consideration. A certain selection of restaurants offering the class is Hanoi Cooking Centre, Old Hanoi, Koto, and Hidden Hanoi. Further different from other cuisines, Hanoi carries a distinctive feature of culinary arousing the international tourists’ curiosity and interest.

Hoi An cooking class

As for Hoi An cooking class, there is lots of options available in this ancient town. In a nutshell, some are organized in local restaurants and last in about one hour, while others are put in different tours with other activities, such as cycling, cruising, riding motorbike, and visiting traditional villages. It is probable to state that both are so wonderful that you can obtain the most amazing experiences of Vietnamese culinary art from them, and which one should be picked out is up to your favorite. If adoring a rural setting, you should keep an eye on the combined tour. Alternatively, for those who would like to seek for a cooking class in town, restaurant is the best. Moreover, it will be better if your cooking class encompasses a fresh market tour to explore the hustle of the traditional market. Recommendations for you: Morning Glory Restaurant, Red Bridge Restaurant & Cooking School, Green Bamboo Cooking School & Café, and Vy’s Market Restaurant & Cooking School.

Hue cooking class

Also similar to the culinary art of other regions in Vietnam, Hue cooking will get you excited right at the first time of experiencing it. Not only does it help improve your cooking skill, but also gives you fascinating things hidden in the cuisine of this middle province.

Join Hue cooking class to explore Hue cuisine as well as specialties and get a taste of the culinary style of Hue people. Through the cooking class, you will get more understanding of the art of Hue cooking of the locals, which also wows you so much for sure. Some recommendations: Villa Hue Cooking Class, Hue Cooking Class, I Love Hue Tour, Waterland Restaurant Cooking Class, and Nina’s Foodie Tour & Cooking Class.


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