Top 5 Attractions to Explore in Ho Chi Minh City for one day

A one-day trip in Ho Chi Minh City will be more meaningful if you know where to go or the best attractions to explore. There are plenty of places to choose from, but the suggestions are probably what you should take into consideration.

Mekong delta vietnam

Is Mekong Delta in Vietnam worth a visit?

You have ever heard about the Mekong Delta, a water region with plenty of exciting things to explore in Vietnam, haven’t you? Nevertheless, you will wonder if the destination is worth visiting as the way people often extol it on media. Then, discover the truth here.


Top 5 Destinations in Vietnam to Go for Summer 2018

While you are busy with searching for possible destinations to go in Summer 2018, the following list chosen from the ones in Vietnam are believed to bring pleasant journeys as well as an escape from the dog days in the big cities.


Get lost in top 6 striking flower fields in Vietnam

Thirty for somewhere to contemplate the natural beauty, relax and enjoy fresh air during your Vietnam trip? Then, what do you think about flower fields in Vietnam? They will never disappoint you at any cost!


10 Vietnam famous lakes on mountains you should not ignore

Lakes with the calm atmosphere and fabulous landscapes are certainly ideal spots you should not miss when making a trip to Vietnam. Then, take a look at some following suggestions.


7 Best Places worth Visiting in Northern Vietnam

There are numerous places to visit when you are in Northern Vietnam, so you need some advice on which one is worth making a trip first since you do not have much time for traveling. Then, the blog can help now!


Admire 5 Vietnamese Famous Waterfalls in your Holiday

If you are thirty for a trip to admire famous waterfalls in Vietnam, the blog is actually what you are in need. Those following breathtaking waterfalls will catch your attention at the first time of knowing about it.

5 Must-try Craft Beer Bars in Saigon

5 Must-try Craft Beer Bars in Saigon

To kick back after a journey to the Saigon’s surrounding areas in daylight, you may be seeking “must-try” craft beer bars in Saigon. There is more than one name streaking across your mind when you are staying in this city, but the following is recommended the most.


Something you can know about Craft Beer in Vietnam

Craft beer in Vietnam seems to be a new term and also a new product of beer recently spreading over the country. It is possible to say that the increasing number of craft breweries in the metropolises is to allegedly bring more new experiences, to the delight of numerous international and domestic travelers. It will be with regret that you miss out on a chance to try one.

How to Successfully Bargain in Vietnamese Markets

How to Successfully Bargain in Vietnamese Markets

Surely you never wish to get the overpriced items during your trip to Vietnam or any country in the world. Then what do you think about bargaining while you go shopping? Bargaining in Vietnamese markets is referred to as the art of buying products, and to practice it is by no means difficult if you know about the following ways.