Vinh Long pottery village

Discover Vinh Long Pottery Village Along Co Chien River

Aside from the lush tropical orchards, Vinh Long, the southern province of Vietnam has successfully drawn a large number of visitors to its pottery village. Find it on the outskirts of the region, where you’ll see many factories producing statues and a million other ceramics.

Chau Doc Market

Chau Doc Market – Where to Go Shopping in An Giang

An Giang Province is a remote land of Vietnam, sharing its border with a neighboring country, and when it comes to this place, words used to describe it are peace, serenity, and calm. If you are the one who love history and culture, it should be set in your itinerary to explore Vietnam. And one of the specific destinations to uncover for a An Giang trip is Chau Doc Market, where to know about the locals’ daily life and many other interesting things.

Ben Tre, Vietnam

Top 5 Handicraft Villages in Ben Tre to Visit in 2019

Making decent handicraft products is one of the highlights of BenTre. Since it’s the kingdom of coconut, which is often used as the sole materials for these types of gifts. No doubt, without the hands of amazing artists here, no single coconut material can become the fine art items!

Chau Doc Floating Village

Chau Doc Floating Village – Where to Visit in An Giang

An Giang Province of the Mekong Delta is blessed with many excellent destinations to explore, and one of them is Chau Doc Floating Village – a village where people raise fish to earn their livings. Generally speaking, there is nothing too special to talk about this village, for those who prefer something irrepressible and full of enjoyment. Having said that, others who are interested in delving deep into insights of a new land in terms of history chapters, cultural characteristics, and locals’ typical traits, it’s actually what they desire to visit.

The incredible beauty of Hon Khoai Island

Hon Khoai Island – Top Things to Do Worth Every Visit 2019

Hon Khoai island is all about the poetic seashores and egg-shaped cobbles scattered around. It’s also where the visitors challenge themselves by conquering the mountains and discovering the primitive forest.

Tra Su Cajuput Forest – Where to visit in An Giang

Tra Su Cajuput Forest – Where to visit in An Giang

Among plenty of destinations to visit in the Mekong Delta, Tra Su Cajuput Forest in An Giang Province is surely a very impressive point. The forest is labeled as the wildlife next to you, a special ecosystem you can’t find anywhere else. By boat is the best way to explore the inside, and the vista looks like a mysterious picture. Have you ever imagine birds walking on water to feed, waterways full of duckweed and a pleasant yet vibrant ambience among nature? All of those things will be found in Tra Su. Just put it in your bucket list when you’re planning for your holiday in Vietnam.

Ninh Kieu Wharf – Top Things to Do in Can Tho

Ninh Kieu Wharf – Top Things to Do in Can Tho

Are you planning to explore Asia and choose Can Tho, the Mekong Delta, Vietnam as one of your stops? If yes, the suggested things to do in this city will be necessary for your journey. One of them is Ninh Kieu Wharf – a must-visit spot with dozens of fascinating experiences. This complete guide is definitely what you are looking for and actually need to well prepare for the trip. Let’s read to know best time to visit the wharf, how to get there, what’s special, what and where to eat and the life of the local people.

My Khanh Tourist Village – Top Activities in Can Tho

My Khanh Tourist Village – Top Activities in Can Tho

For a plan to explore Can Tho City, My Khanh Tourist Village must be in the list of top spots to visit. Why? My Khanh is portrayed as a miniature picture of the lifestyle in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. In other words, you can find everything associated with the locals’ life, culture, and history in the village. What to explore in short are an ancient house, traditional games, the life of a landowner in the past, farming activities, and so forth.

Vam Ho bird sanctuary

A Travel Guide to Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary, Ben Tre

Vam Ho is also the home to 500,000 storks and different types of birds. As estimated, approximately 2,000 visitors visiting Vam Ho every year. This place is always crowded when the birds come to migrate here and start reproducing. It’s from April to October following the lunar calendar.

Binh Thuy Ancient House – What to See in the Mekong Delta

Binh Thuy Ancient House – What to See in Can Tho

Can Tho City with dozens of things to do is never placed out of an itinerary to the Mekong Delta. That’s why tour operators are ready to recommend this city to any international traveler each time they visit Vietnam. One of these things to do is a sightseeing tour of Binh Thuy Ancient House. What makes it a must-see spot is its wide area, remarkable architecture, orchid garden, and valuable antiques. Furthermore, this visit also entitles you to explore mysterious stories behind the house, which can overwhelm you so much and help you learn some part of the life and culture in the Mekong Delta in the past.