Tan Qui Islet - Tra Vinh Travel Guide – Things to Know before the Trip

Tra Vinh Travel Guide – Things to Know before the Trip

Having the border with Ben Tre Province, Tra Vinh of the Mekong Delta brings visitors a different view. Tra Vinh is no longer a rich coconut kingdom like Ben Tre, but it’s seen as an ancient land of Buddhism, where there are up to 150 pagodas and plenty of other religious sites. Although the place is rich in culture and history, for some reason it’s not in the Vietnam’s top holiday destinations. Anyway, fascinating characteristics of the land will astonish you so much. Therefore, Tra Vinh Travel Guide is necessary to know things before the trip.

Ca Mau Guide

Ca Mau Travel Guide – Things To Know Before You Go!

Surely, Ca Mau is also the province of floating boats and a great abundance of fruits. Thus, it can satisfy the visitors’ wishes whenever taking a journey to this land.

Dong Thap Travel Guide – Everything to Know Before You Go

Dong Thap Travel Guide – What to Know Before Travel

While you are planning for a perfect vacation in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam by yourself, Dong Thap will deserve to be placed in your list thanks to its rustic and serene charms. To get more information and things to know before packing and starting your journey, Dong Thap Travel Guide is always your companion.

Ben Tre Travel Guide

Ben Tre Travel Guide – Everything to Know before You Go

Just 80 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City, Ben Tre keeps a peaceful outer appearance and seemingly makes every single visitor comfortable with its treat. Ben Tre is referred to as a picturesque little province connected with My Tho City of Tien Giang province and Tra Vinh by new bridges; hence, it has received more and more visitors in recent years. The province is easy to be explored on foot and by boat, and local orchards are not too large but enough to convince those who love rustic areas. In addition to the list of things to discover, the family businesses of making coconut fudge are what you never want to miss as Ben Tre is labeled as the coconut kingdom. Just take moments to study Ben Tre Travel Guide before you go!

Walk through the Red River Delta, Tien Giang

Tien Giang Travel Guide – Things To Do, See, and Eat

Tien Giang is not only known as a coastal province in South Vietnam but also favored as the political and cultural hub for the entire Mekong Delta region. You can find it easily along the Northern bank of Tien River, a branch of the Mekong river that is 120 km long. If planning to visit this area, you’ll earn a unique insight into the daily life of the inhabitants living here.

A scene of Cai Rang floating market in Can Tho

Ultimate Guide to Can Tho, Vietnam (Updated 2019)

People usually call Can Tho as Tay Do land due to its vast paddy fields, flying fruit trees, and a great network of canals and houses with unique architecture. So don’t miss this chance! Make a trip to this land to gain insight into a dependent life upon the river and along the narrow backwaters.


TNK Travel Wins “Top 10 Inbound Tour Operators in HCMC 2018” Award at Tourism Fair

At 7:00PM on 13 April, TNK Travel was truly honored to receive the award “Top 10 Inbound Tour Operators in HCM in 2018” and Trinh Gia Transportation Center – a branch of TNK Travel also brought back the same award of “Top 10 Tourist Transportation Companies 2018”. The greatest thing for TNK Travel Group is that the group honorably won a special award that is known as the merit of “TOP 10 AWARDS for 5 consecutive years” from Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee.


Hanoi, Vietnam – A peaceful city deserving to explore

While there are plenty of exciting new things to explore when you land in Vietnam, Hanoi is never out of an itinerary of the Vietnam trip for the richness in its history, culture, people, and lifestyle. Different from Ho Chi Minh City, another big city in Vietnam, Hanoi keeps a lighter color in the pace of development and appearance. It does not means a lack of full tourism services is found in Hanoi, but it seems to take you to the past of itself, where you will find out traditional cultures, old houses covered with mosses, long-lasting local businesses, and fascinating details about its history. Let’s take time to get sense of this peaceful city before making a trip there.


Something you should Know about Vietnamese New Year – Tet Holiday

Vietnamese New Year (Tet Holiday) is the most important festival of the year for all the local people. When the cool breeze of the winter is replaced by the warm sunlight of the spring, everyone seems to be excited about the advent of Tet Holiday. At that time, they feel an immense nostalgia, which leads them to wishfully come back to their homeland, say farewell to the previous year with their beloved family and celebrate a new one together, and taste the particular flavors of the Vietnamese festivities. All the best things are well prepared during this holiday since anyone wants to ensure that they will have a new year full of happiness, success, and prosperity. Now, get a better understanding of Tet Nguyen Dan in the North and South of Vietnam!


Top New Year Cultural Festivals in Northern Vietnam

If you are going to make a trip to Vietnam, then partaking in top New Year cultural festivals in Northern Vietnam is a meaningful and unforgettable activity. It is worth noting that festivals play an essential part in the life of the locals. Hence, attending festivals and visiting temples and pagodas after Tet holiday have become their unchanged traditions. While the S-shaped country has about 9,000 local and national festivals, the North of Vietnam is home to a huge number of traditional and cultural ones. In general, most of them are held in spring, meaning in the first month of the Lunar New Year. If you are a culture lover, then keep reading to know some notable festivals in the northern region of the country.