Incredible Cu Chi Tunnels Historical Site in Vietnam

Why should you keep an eye on the trip to explore Cu Chi Tunnels historical site in Vietnam in your journey around this S-shape country? It is because this destination has been voted to be the most bizarre tunnel network in the world, and there are interesting features inside it. Let’s find them out below!


Inside the Cu Chi tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels are widely known as a vast network of underground tunnels under the ground and positioned in Cu Chi District 30-40km northwest away from the downtown area of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. In this location, military campaigns were planned during the Vietnam War, and it is also the base where Viet Cong prepared for Tet Offensive in 1968.

Prominent Features

Cu Chi tunnels in Ho Chi Minh city

In the end of 1940s, the network of tunnels – Cu Chi tunnels historical site in Vietnam – started to be dug by Viet Cong soldiers. The most special thing about this process is that the whole system was made by hand and covered a distance of 250 km running from the suburb of Saigon to the Cambodian border. It is absolutely amazing!

Viet Cong guerrillas also used the tunnels as their hideout where there were martial facilities and living areas like hospitals, weapon caches, food caches, commendation center, etc. There is no doubt that the tunnel system was the crucial base for Vietnamese soldiers in their fighting against American forces. Nowadays, it has become a symbol as well as a legend illustrating the tenacious spirit of Vietnamese people through years of bombing, destruction, and vicious fighting.

For a Cu Chi tunnels half day tour, not only do tourists gain a chance to learn about the glorious history of Vietnam and the “steel” spirit of Vietnamese guerrillas in the past, but also experience an adventurous feeling of crawling through narrow dark tunnels under the ground. Also, taste cassava – the staple food the guerillas used for their meals during the time of war.

How to Get Cu Chi Tunnels

Departing from Ho Chi Minh City, you have more than one way to get Cu Chi Tunnels historical site in Vietnam. First of all, booking a tour from travel agencies around the backpacker area or the downtown area of Ho Chi Minh City is the simplest and most advantageous way since the bus will pick you up at your hotel, and you have to do nothing without waiting for being transferred to the destination. Some other approaches you can take account of are a rental motorbike, taking a bus, or catching a taxi.

Great Cu Chi Tunnels Tours from TNK Travel

Cu Chi tunnels tour with TNK Travel

Get Cu Chi Tunnels by Speed Boat on Saigon River: It will be an ideal tour for those who wish to visit the tunnel system through a brand new and unusual way: being on the modern speedboat. Enjoy the cool air on the river before reaching the destination.

Cu Chi Tunnels tour combined with Cao Dai Temple visit: With this tour, after paying a visit to Cao Dai Temple, you will continue the trip to Cu Chi Tunnels.

Cu Chi Tunnels with Mekong Delta tour: The tour will be better if you are not only fond of authentically exploring the Vietnamese history, but also want to experience the rural lifestyle of Mekong Delta.

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