Traveling to Northwest Vietnam in Blossom Seasons

One of the most spectacular and majestic natural landscapes in Vietnam will be found in flower seasons of Northwest, so for those who are planning for their Vietnam adventure tours, witnessing this awesome beauty is utterly what they are eager to do. Then, before starting the authentic journey, read as your research in advance on something related to the flower seasons.

Ban Blossom Season

Ban Blossom Season

March or the second month of the lunar year is widely known as the time of the Ban blossom; this is a typical kind of flower in Northwest Vietnam, representing love and prosperity ethnic minorities suppose. If you are due to experience a Vietnam adventure tour, mountainous provinces are ideal for pleasing and amazing yourself through their splendid and ravishing landscapes in which the backdrop is photos of dreamy Ban flower in full bloom. Try imagining how you are excited when directly witnessing all nook and crannies of the mountains are covered with red, white and violent colors of Ban flowers. It is indeed incredible, right? That is the reason why the tribe people (exactly Thai people) annually organize Ban flower festival whereby visitors throughout the country can admire this pure charm of nature.

Plum Blossom Season

Traveling to Northwest Vietnam in plum blossom seasons

If having a chance to discover Northwest Vietnam in the plum flower season (especially mountainous areas, like Sapa, Moc Chau, and Ha Giang, you will absolutely be overwhelmed by breathtaking scenes full of plum in bloom. This time is exactly after Tet holiday – a traditional Vietnamese holiday to welcome a new year when the weather gets warmer, and ethnic people are preparing different festivals; Sapa and Moc Chau plateau emerge as a fairy world with the colorful scenery of plum and apricot flowers. It is incredible to contemplate the magical scenic carpet illuminated by fragile plum flowers and tender leaves. Perhaps, what impresses you is bunches of flowers softly embracing each skinny branch looking like a vibrant scarf.

White radish blossom season

White radish blossom season

A visit to Northwest Vietnam in flower seasons is definitely an unforgettable experience as you can catch the most stunning moments of the mountainous area in Vietnam. Among the flower seasons, when white radish is in blossom is taken into account as the great occasion whereby you can grab the extremely marvelous scenery embellished by the pure white color of the radish flower covering everywhere in the highland. In this season often lasting from November to December, the Moc Chau plateau is ideal for peering into the enthralling charm of the flower fields as well as taking unbelievable photos. Specifically, Ang village, Muong Sang town, and the road from Moc Chau town to Loong Sap gate are places in Moc Chau you can immerse yourself into the white radish in full bloom.

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Buckwheat blossom season

Tam Giac Mac Flower, Ha Giang, Vietnam

There is no doubt that buckwheat blossom season is called the golden season of Northwest Vietnam since it always appeals to numerous visitors from many areas through the country. In other words, the wild beauty of buckwheat contains some power which can draw the young to the mountainous region each time the blossom season is coming soon. The most successful thing of the simple yet sweet kind of flower is that it adores Dong Van plateau – Ha Giang Province, which was designated as one of the world seventy-seven geological parks by UNESCO; therefore, more and more people know about and thirsty for the trip to this fabulous spot. As for the specific time for buckwheat in full bloom when it is the most beautiful, you are advised to go by the end of October and the beginning of November to get the phenomenal flowery perspective.



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