Top Must-try Food in Phu Quoc Island

While there are lots of specialties in the Vietnamese cuisine, you will be recommended to some must-try food in Phu Quoc island in case you are being in a Vietnam beach vacation. Also, all of those dishes partially represent the beauty in the culture and lifestyle of Vietnamese people, so it deserves your try. More than that, they will contribute to the richness of the journal to explore the culinary world’s power of a gourmet like you.

Raw herring salad (Goi ca trich)

Raw herring salad

Each area through Vietnam will be prominent in a specific specialty which may tightly cling to the memory of anyone who has ever tasted it. As a result, when it comes to some certain destinations, the outstanding dishes symbolic of those places will immediately be thought about. For instance, Quang noodle is a symbol of Quang Nam, Pho is the most famous dish of Hanoi, Hue beef noodle belongs to Hue City, or Cao Lau (pork noodle dish) is the symbol of Hoi An. Then, the Phu Quoc island is not an exception; herring salad is a stunning recipe you should try when coming here.

In the past, herring salad is served as a traditional dish of local fishermen; however, it has been now must-try food in Phu Quoc island for a Vietnam beach vacation. The basic ingredients are slices of raw herring fish, which can scare many people at the first time of experiencing the dish, but its flavor is utterly great when it is served with fish sauce. Although the locals call it as a salad, it is further different from the other Vietnamese salads in terms of the way to enjoy. The slices of raw herring fish will be combined with the grated meat of mature coconut, mint and onion. Then, wrap some from this mixture along with vegetables in rice paper and enjoy it with fish sauce of chili, lemon juice, sugar, garlic, and peanuts.

Grilled Bien Mai scallop (Co Bien Mai)

Grilled Bien Mai scallop

Yes, the island is taken in account as the paradise of sandy beaches, seascapes and especially seafood. Then, ever wonder what is must-try food in Phu Quoc island? It is believed that you actually miss a culinary delight if not trying Bien Mai scallop – a type of sea oysters. There is more than one recipe to prepare and cook Bien Mai scallops, such as hotpot, soup, porridge, etc. However, the most wonderful way is to marinate them with suitable spices and grill with some vegetables, making them crispy and tangy to enjoy. Often, people will use spines of coconut leaves to stitch pieces of Bien Mai scallop flesh and vegetables together before putting them on the grill. A hint for you is to have some beer while savoring the dish.

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Sea urchin (Cau gai bien)

Sea urchin is one of must-try food in Phu Quoc island

Regardless of if sea urchins get people annoyed as they are pricked by the sea creatures’ spines while diving, they still love dishes made from them. To be honest, the sea urchins contribute to the value and uniqueness of the Phu Quoc cuisine. There are two ways to get full taste of this seafood. First, cut a sea urchin into two halves, and then rinse all blood vessels from its body. Put yellow roe in a bowl, and mix it with some drops of lemon and mustard. Then, it should be served with mustard greens. Nevertheless, many locals suppose that grilling is the common way the majority of travelers prefer. Just lightly grill, top them up with onion and peanuts, and then enjoy them with the mixture of salt, lime juice and pepper. It’s too mouth-watering and full of nutrition.

Ham Ninh flower crab

Ham Ninh flower crab in Phu Quoc island

A Vietnam beach vacation will be more wonderful if you choose right specialties to savor, and the must-try food in Phu Quoc island, you can’t lose out on is Ham Ninh flower crab. It is not difficult to find and taste this specialty because it is offered at many different restaurants in the island. It is not only fresh, but also cooked perfectly. With clever hands of the expert chefs at the local restaurants, lots of dishes are made from the flower crab, but in case that you are eager to get a sense of the fresh taste of seafood, just order some boiled crabs and savor them with the sauce of lime juice, salt, and pepper.

Oc nhay (a kind of sea snail)

Oc Nhay – a kind of sea snail in Phu Quoc island

Oc nhay is known as one of the awesome specialties at the Vietnam’s sea areas like Phu Quoc Island, Nha Trang City, Phu Yen, etc. There is a variety of such sea snail, but Red and White are two typical types; in terms of use in cooking, the White is more delicious that the Red. The snail’s flesh is crispy and fat, so it is easily used to make appetizing dishes with the tantalizing aroma, such as the snails fried with sate sauce, the snails fried with garlic and onion, flower banana snail salad, the snails steamed with ginger, grilled snails with sate sauce, etc.

Grilled slipper lobster (tom mu ni nuong)

Grilled slipper lobster

Don’t let this must-try food in Phu Quoc island slip out of your hand since it is absolutely amazing without your expectation! Although it is not a kind of ocean lobster you often see at large restaurants in the world, it is still overwhelming enough to excite you so much. There will be a mixture used to put on the top of the slipper lobster’s halves; the mixture is made from lime juice, butter, black pepper, and some herbs. Just top the halves with this mixture and then grill them until their aroma wafts in the air. Never word to totally say about the dish’s excellence.

Grilled Song fish (Ca Song nuong)

Grilled Song fish

Continue your journey to explore Phu Quoc island by trying the grilled Song fish. It will bring home to you the wonderful flavor of sea and the quintessence of seafood. No need to remove the fish’s organs; just rinse it with the clean water and grill it until it is golden-brown and its fantastic flavor spreads over the space. It will be greater if you enjoy it with vegetables, rice paper, and the mixture of salt, lime juice, and pepper. Wrap some fish with vegetables in the rice paper, then dip the roll into the mixture, and savor. It will stimulate your tongue for sure.

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