Mekong Deluxe Cruises

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Mien Tay Sampan Mekong Cruise 3 days
per person $299

Mien Tay Sampan Private Cruise 3 days 2 nights provides tourists with an amazing experience of the Mekong Delta tour. The tourists will have a chance to walk and cycle on the beautiful island, enjoy fresh fruits and traditional ...

Gecko Eyes Mekong river Cruise

Gecko Eyes Mekong Delta Cruise
3 days / 2 nights

per person $319

The new Gecko Eyes Cruises house boats will be perfect for you, the first of the houseboats is under construction and ready for first guests. The Gecko Eyes are private houseboats for two or four people, made for tours on ...

Mien Tay Sampan Mekong Cruise 3 days
per person $195

Mien Tay Sampan Private Cruise offers travelers an exciting experience of the Mekong Delta tour, off the beaten tracks. Far from the tourism mainstream, Mien Tay Cruise’s management and staff do know where and when discover ...

per person $255

The Dragon Eyes Mekong Delta is a vacation paradise for couples, families or friends. Cruising on the vast waters and the small canals of the mighty Mekong river is a great way to discover the Mekong Delta. Why not spend ...

To those who adore pristine and idyllic scenes of Mekong Delta, Mekong Deluxe Cruises are seen as one of the perfect choices as they can accumulate a large number of interesting features from a new culture – a phenomenal water area of Vietnam. Certainly, Vietnam – a small yet charming country in Southeast Asia has not been strange to international tourists anymore, and even they can acquire much understanding of Mekong Delta through media. However, an authentic visit to this water region will be not a wasteful thing as they can directly touch, listen, and see the most excellent characteristics from the locals’ life.

Mekong Deluxe cruises 2016: Top things to see and do

Cai Be Floating Market

To obtain impressive and brilliant things from the life, culture and people of Vietnam, any international travel is advised that they should spend their time on the countryside instead of modern cities. Why? Most rural destinations are where the most original beauty in the culture of the Vietnamese people has been preserved, and Mekong Delta cruises – a rustic water area is a typical example. Here, everything quintessential and ravishing in the Vietnamese culture and lifestyle is exposed, and especially what we will utterly be surprised is Cai Be Floating Market, where the local people gather for their trade in goods, fruits, and farming products. This cultural feature dates back to a long time and has become an indispensable activity in the life of the river people. It indeed has a special meaning for them as they seen it as their home and the only place where they can earn their living.

Cai Rang Floating Market

Among the highlights in Mekong Deluxe Cruises, Cai Rang Floating Market, belonging to Can Tho never lets down any tourist since they can discover countless great things from this water region. Positioned around 6km from the center of Can Tho City, the floating market hums the most in the early morning when flocks of boats head towards this destination for their trade. Products traded here include vegetables, goods, fruits, specialties and others. Before the tourists set foot here, there are possibly lots of related enquiries swimming around their mind, such as why the locals can easily trade on the river, or how to recognize one type of product without getting closer. Joining a deluxe cruise can answer all.

Huynh Thuy Le ancient house

If you have not still entered Huynh Thuy Le ancient house after coming back from Mekong Delta, it will be a great pity for sure. The French architectural style of this house with original floor tiles, wooden furniture, and inlaid doors is just part of the mysterious beauty inside it while the love story between its owner and a French female write will get you more excited. The house’s owner is Huynh Thuy Le, the son of a rich Chinese merchant, and his lover is Marguerite Duras. They were in a passionate affair with each other, and their romance has become immortal in her reputable novel, “The Lover”. Especially, this masterpiece has been made into a film.

Tan Quy Dong Flower Village

Tan Quy Dong flower village – one of the best attractions for Mekong Deluxe Cruise gets more beautiful and glittering when the spring is coming. The whole area is seemingly put on new costume with colorful flowers in many different types. It is right time for tourists to immerse into the breathtaking and ravishing charm of gardens in Tan Quy Dong. Amazingly, there are dozens of precious plants, and even some of them date back to hundreds of years. Roaming around the village, we can come across fig trees, star-fruit trees, areca, etc. However, what astonishes us the most is that those trees have been transformed into bonsais in an artistic way under the clever hand of local artists. Nowadays, when the flower-planting art has been more and more popular, the Tan Quy Dong village has become one of the attractive destinations for both domestic and foreign tourists.

Xeo Quyt Ecotourism Site

Situated 35 km from Cao Lanh, Dong Thap Province to the southeast is Xeo Quyt ecotourism site with the area of 52 hectares. Depicted as a vast swamp hemmed in a canopy of vines and tall trees, the land is where remains of Viet Cong bunkers are found. Especially, penetrating deep into the forest is by either of the two ways: by canoe or on foot. For a canoe tour, we will be taken along a narrow canal loop through former bunkers and mine fields. The most remarkable thing is that the water is topped with beautiful water hyacinths. Alternatively, a walking trail is naturally set to parallel this canal whereby we can infiltrate into the bunkers with the shape of Z and L. Not only that, while enjoying the natural landscape of the forest, we can also witness trapdoors Viet Cong used to escape from the enemies in the past.


For a Mekong Deluxe Cruise, cycling around rustic village paths is a good way to submerge into the cool atmosphere and the idyllic scenery of the countryside. There is no reason to ignore this activity as we can ride through lush fruit plantations and orchards. In addition, it is also a perfect opportunity to understand more the agriculture as well as cultivation culture of the water area in Vietnam. Certainly, it is quite different from the agriculture of many other places all over the world; it probably wows you so much.

The most popular Mekong Deluxe cruises

Obviously, depending on each customer’s need, we offer a few following Mekong Deluxe cruises: Mien Tay Sampan Private Cruise 3 days 2 nights, Gecko Eyes Mekong Delta Cruise, Mien Tay Sampan Private Cruise 2 days 1 night, and Dragon Eyes Mekong Delta Cruise. Most of them are wooden vessels with the brilliant design which is a smart combination of the modern furniture and traditional structure. Moreover, with well-trained staff and intriguingly customized activities, the customers will be served in the best way and bring back the most unforgettable experiences.



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