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Song Xanh Sampan Mekong Delta Cruise 3 Days 2 Nights is a great choice for tourists who want to discover the beauty of the Upper Mekong Delta river with the incredible system of canals. Immerse into the scenes and get an ...

Jayavarman Cuise
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A truly wonderful experience of luxury and immersion in Vietnamese and Cambodian culture in 8 days cruising through the Mekong River. Enjoy a great excursion included shore excursion, temples and local villages visiting, ...

Jayavarman Cruise 4 Days
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Enjoy the high quality travel through Jayavarman Cruise 4 days - Pearl of the Orient (Ho Chi Minh City - Phnom Penh), which is also a great way to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Surely, there is nothing more wonderful than relaxing ...

Enjoy the Mekong river on private cruises on board authentic sampans, explore the Mekong unseen paths cruising throughout the delta and its numerous zigzag canal systems. The Mekong Horizon Co., Ltd’s head quarters based ...

Mekong Delta Cruises – Mekong Luxury cruises not only bring you the leisured moments on board, but also provide a path to uncover the rustic beauty of the Delta area as well as an irrepressible picture of the river people. You have ever heard about Mekong Delta through media, haven’t you? It is also known as the Southwest region of Vietnam, where Mekong River – the 12th longest river of the world empties into the sea. It will be amazing to visit Mekong Delta in the floating season when you can come across the lush plantations and orchards as the whole area is covered by water, bringing back a large amount of alluvium good for the cultivating. Hence, the land is a big fruit supplier for the surrounding areas. Besides, many other beneficial factors contribute to its development in different aspects. Let’s experience a luxury cruise to understand more.

Mekong Luxury cruises 2016: Top things to see and do

Huynh Thuy Le ancient house

Surely, there are dozens of travel attractions you could not ignore when experiencing a Mekong Luxury cruise, yet Huynh Thuy Le ancient house should be put on the top of your list of things to see and do here. Why? The first reason is that the house has been chosen as one of the most glittering spots by Vietnam Federation of UNESCO Association. The second one is that there is a moving and romantic story behind its ancient charm. In fact, here used to be the home of Huynh Thuy Le, who was 27 years old and the son of a rich Chinese family; in 1929, he and Marguerite Duras (a famous French writer) had an affair with each other when she was just 15. Their romance was immortalized in her renowned novel, “The Lover”, which has been made into a film. A visit to the house enables you to peer into its valuable architectural design with wooden furniture, ordinary floor tiles, and inlaid doors while you perceive the main two characters’ love story.

Tra Su cajuput forest

In the proximity of the Cambodia border and 20km from vibrant Chau Doc Town – An Giang Province, Tra Su cajuput forest is definitely a must-visit travel spot due to its unspoiled scenic beauty. Lying in the national forest system in the southwestern Vietnam, Tra Su with a biological diversity is considered as a perfect spot for ecological research and ecotourism in Mekong Delta. The forest has the area of 845 hectares with a 645 hectares buffer zone. It is home to colonies of bats, birds, reptiles, and others. In more detail, according to the scientists’ estimation, there are up to 70 species of birds, 23 species of fish, 20 species of reptiles, etc. The trip to Tra Su forest will be a wonderful chance to obtain the rich knowledge about the wildlife while you immerse yourself into the breathtaking natural scenery.

Brick factory, coconut candy, and puffed rice workshops

Those workshops are indeed family businesses where local people make their own products from ingredients and materials familiar to their life. For instance, paying a visit to the coconut candy mill, you can witness how coconut fudge is produced as well as how traditional machines operate and even sample pieces of sweet candy. It is possible to state that those businesses not merely bring back the income for the local people, but also help keeping cultural traditions of Mekong Delta in the form of traditional villages. It deserves to be experienced.


Of course, there is more than one way to contemplate as well as explore the idyllic and tranquil charm of the Delta region. However, Mekong Luxury cruise will encompass lots of wonderful experiences, and cycling in the mainland is one of them. Just step into the shore and bike through village paths covered by the cool shadow of lush green trees at two sides, and you can find out the relaxing moments, and your mind will get calm. This cycling lets you to leisurely enjoy the peaceful yet beautiful landscapes of fruit plantations and orchards.

The best Mekong Luxury cruises to explore

At the beginning, Song Xanh Cruise just had a flotilla of four beautiful sampans, but now the number is ten. The cruises are designed to bring passengers the most private and luxurious experience while they discover Mekong Delta. Each of the sampans is equipped with original rattan and bamboo furniture and especially a bathroom, including lavabo and shower, all of which are convenient and comfortable during the cruise. Besides, to make the cruise more exciting, there will be a small rowing boat for penetrating into tiny canals and arroyos, and bikes for riding through peaceful paths of the countryside.

Besides, there are also some other types of luxury cruise, offering the premier service on board, such as Mango cruise, Jayavarman Cruise, and Princess Mekong Delta Cruise.

The best time for Mekong luxury cruises

As you know, Mekong luxury cruises are always offered all year round, the best time to experience is supposed to be during the winter, starting from November and ending in February. Why? It is because the weather for this time gets dry and cooler. On the other hand, the rainy season from July to October is probably not good for those who hate muddy tracks.

Despite the fact that there is some advised on the specific time for going on Mekong luxury cruises, it is clear that each person will  have their own favorite and choice. No matter which season you book cruises in, there will be a list of exciting things to experience and delicious cuisines to taste. For example, enjoying a Mekong luxury cruise in the floating season when a large amount of water covers the Delta region, you can understand why local people expect this time and what the nature with the climate favors them. Alternatively, while the rainy season will attract fewer tourists, so you can explore the intact fruit plantations which are still lush without any damage by footsteps.

Moreover, Tet holiday, from January to February is also ideal time for Mekong luxury cruises, when local people are preparing everything for celebrating Lunar New Year. There are lots of absorbing things in the traditional culture of Mekong Delta you will be amazed absolutely.


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