3 Greatest Festivals in Da Lat City You Must See

One of the best approaches to the Dalat culture is through emerging festivals. It is clear that you can not visit all destinations through Vietnam for your Vietnam tour within one time, so you’d better pick out the deserving places based on reviews and advice from the locals. If spending time on your research, you will easily realize that Dalat is absolutely well worth a visit, and especially it is better to come here on season of festivals in Da Lat city. Let’s see how wonderful those festivals are!

Dalat Flower Festival

Dalat Flower Festival is one of the greatest festivals in Da Lat city you must see

After six times of organizing the flower festival in Dalat City, Lam Dong Province (2005, 2007, 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2016), we can realize that it takes place without fixed time. It is probable to say that the festival has gradually become a glittering characteristic in the culture of Dalat as the thought that the event is associated with the romantic highland city is leaking into the Vietnamese’s mind. As for the aim of Dalat flower festival, to encourage the economic growth of Dalat and popularize the city’s tourism as well as its beautiful image, the event is where vegetables, flowers, and ornamental plants from the locals are displayed and introduced to visitors. The exhibition is also considered to be the best approach to the potential investment in Dalat flower industry from other places whereby the culture and people of Dalat will be more well-known.

Tea Cultural Festival

Tea Cultural Festival in Dalat

Previously, Tea Cultural Festival – one of the festivals in Da Lat city used to be a periodic event held once each two years with the purpose of honoring the tea industry; the first flower festival took place in December, 2006. It is supposed that the festival is not merely a cultural event, but it is also a lever to push up the economic and tourism development of Dalat. Specifically, it is where Vietnamese tea enterprises grab chances to popularize their brands. Besides, visitors experiencing the festival in Dalat city can know more about the art of making tea and sample amazingly fragrant kinds of tea.

Nonetheless, because of some reasons making the tea producing industry go down, in the next time, Tea Cultural Festival will be organized as a part of Dalat Flower Festival instead of taking place separately as usual. Therefore, it will be great to join Tea Cultural Festival when you are also enjoying Dalat flower festival.

Gong Cultural Festival

Gong Cultural Festival in Dalat

Be curious about Gong Festival? Yes, at first, let yourself grab a little understanding of what Gong is? In fact, Vietnam people don’t simply mention Gong in their culture; instead, they will talk about the space of Gong culture in Vietnam Highlands. The gong culture was designated as the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO on November 15th, 2005.

The space of Gong culture in Vietnam Highlands stretches in highland provinces, such as Daknong, Gialai, Kontum, Lamdong, and Daklak. Artists performing that culture are ethnic minorities, including Ma, Ede, Bana, Lach, etc. What makes up the gong culture’s performance consist of Gong music melody, Chime, artists, long-houses, fields, graveyard, forests next to villages, etc. As for Gong Cultural Festival, it will take place in the above highland provinces in turn. Tourists coming to Dalat, Lam Dong in the occasion when the city plays a role as the host can learn more about unique and quintessential features in the gong culture. It is really fantastic!


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