How to Rent a Good Motorbike in Vietnam

Vietnam is endowed with lots of breathtaking landscapes and seascapes which no one can resist a visit to. There is more than one way to get a taste of the Vietnam’s fantastic charm, one of which is to experience on two wheels. However, what most international travelers truly care when this method for experiencing swims around their mind is how to rent a motorbike in Vietnam. Not only that, lots of matters of concern are surrounding them and preventing them from making Vietnam tours with a rental bike. The following with information and tips for this renting will be useful for all people who have been preparing for your journey of a lifetime in Vietnam.   

How to rent a good motorbike in Vietnam

Where to rent a motorbike in Vietnam

Before learning how to rent a motorbike in Vietnam for your Vietnam tour, you must keep a watchful eye on some good rental agencies in large cities and carefully do research on them in advance in order that you don’t waste time on checking if they are genuine later.

Hanoi: the area surrounding Ta Hien, Dinh Liet, and Hang Bac Streets are full of signs of “Motorbikes for rent”. A tip for you is to ask about the rent at many different places before getting a rental motorbike. However, don’t get worried as you just pay about $5-$7 per day, and bear in mind that you will be required to leave your passport.
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Ho Chi Minh City: the backpacker area (Pham Ngu Lao and Bui Vien Streets) will be highly recommended when you are seeking for where to rent a motorbike in Ho Chi Minh City. Of course, the rent depends on each bike type and its state, but the average price is from $6 to $10.
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Nha Trang: there are places in Nha Trang, where you have a wide selection of rental motorbikes at the cheap price. Some recommendations are San Ho Viet company (Address: 30/5 Hoang Hoa Tham Street and tel: 0903354407), Mr. Nam (tel: 0905 111 514), and Mr. Lam (093 560 5936). The rent is just from $3 to $10.
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Hoi An: some places considered as trustworthy choices for renting motorbikes are Hoi An Motorbike Adventures (located at 54 Phan Chau Trinh Street), Easy Riders (many street corners), Go Travel Vietnam (61 Phan Chau Trinh Street), and Thomas Vietnam Holidays (72 Nguyen Phuc Tan Street).
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Hue: consider the following rental motorbike providers like Hue Motorbike Adventure (35/42 Nguyen Cong Tru Street), Mr. Hoe (No.2 Nguyen Cong Tru Street), Gem’s café – Ms. Ngoc (1/34 Nguyen Tri Phuong Street), and Truong Thien company (19 Ha Noi Street).
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How to rent a motorbike in Vietnam

Don’t get too worried about the motorbike rent since it is quite cheap in Vietnam. For each rental bike, you just pay around $3-$9 per day, but the rental scooter may cost you $10 or more.

As for the procedures for renting a motorbike or how to rent a motorbike in Vietnam, all what you must do is to leave a copy of your passport and any document including your photo, e.g. a driving license at the rental agency, and then get the selected bike. However, if the bike is still new, you may be required the deposit which is equal to a half of the bike’s value. Be mindful that you are the one responsible for all damage, accidents, or something like that right after getting this service.

Motorbike Driving Licenses in Vietnam

Of course, for those who love travelling by handlebar, helping them get full experience of the Vietnamese’s real lifestyle, Motorbike Driving License is what they deeply care. Unfortunately, although the Vietnamese government discussed whether international driving license should be accepted or not in 2015, there has been no final confirmation given out until now.

In Vietnamese laws, to control a motorbike with the capacity of over 50cc legally requires its rider a Vietnamese driving license; the license A1 is applied for the capacity of under 175cc, and A2 is for over 175cc. Nonetheless, don’t find it too tough! When you wish to hire a motorbike, there are no too many procedures to carry out. First, there is no need for you to show a Vietnamese motorbike driving license at the rental agency; they don’t require. Second, the police will not stop you for the license check unless you break any road rules.

Some tips to rent a motorbike in Vietnam

Not all foreigners can take it easy in renting a motorbike , even though they are in front of a genuine rental motorbike shop. That’s the reason why they need some advice on this matter of concern. Let’s see below:

  • The most crucial thing which should come to your mind before you decide whether a motorbike is rented or not is to check it totally. If necessary, double check turn signals, lock, horn, brakes, wing mirrors, lights, and even take a short test drive around the allowed area of the shop. Especially, be careful about the bike’s front brakes since traffic in large cities is heavy, or roads are slopping.
  • Once you must stop at the parking lot, please keep your parking ticket careful as losing it is a big problem in completing procedures to get the bike out. For instance, you must dial the renter’s phone number and ask about the vehicle registration certificate, which annoys you so much.
  • Check the helmet you get from the rental agency. Keep in mind that it must work well, or you should require a new one. If the renter doesn’t accept, just walk away.
  • Obviously, the newer the rental bike is, the safer it is. Also, its price will be depending on the state and brand of each vehicle. Hence, a new scooter with the good engine may cost you over $10 per day.
  • Don’t forget to save the rental agency where you use the service in case the bike breaks down en route.
  • Before commencing your handlebar trip, ask some detailed information about the nearby gas stations and also the ones along your way.



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