Tan Thanh Beach

Tan Thanh Beach – Where to Visit in Tien Giang Province

Tan Thanh Beach is known as an ideal weekend escape for the youngsters from Ho Chi Minh City. While the city is always pulsating and you find difficult to find peace, Tan Thanh Beach is surely a good choice. With that kind of trip, you will perceive the serene charm at the beach, learn about the lifestyle of the locals, and enjoy amazing specialties.

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Buu Lam Pagoda

Buu Lam Pagoda – What to see in Tien Giang

Buu Lam Pagoda was erected in 1742 and underwent many changes during the history of Tien Giang Province. The pagoda is located in 162 Nguyen Van Giac Street, Ward 3, My Tho City, Tien Giang Province. It’s not too far from the city center of Ho Chi Minh, so it’s always chosen as a must-have part in the itinerary of tours from travel agents in the city.

Fish - Thoi Son Island

Thoi Son Island – Where to visit in Tien Giang

One of the best places to visit in Tien Giang Province, the Mekong Delta is Thoi Son Island. You will be overwhelmed by fascinating activities , people, the lifestyle, and the atmosphere there. Don’t hesitate to grab some hints and guides before you go.

Rach Gam Xoai Mut - source dulichcanhchimviet

Rach Gam Xoai Mut Victory Relic – What to see in Tien Giang

While you are planning for a trip to Vietnam, and trying to pick out the best places for this itinerary, Rach Gam Xoai Mut Victory Relic – Tien Giang, the Mekong Delta should be put in as it means a lot in terms of history. You can grab more understanding of the Vietnam history due to that trip as it’s known that Rach Gam Xoai Mut was one of the remarkable victories in the Vietnamese people’s fight against invaders.

Dong Tam Snake Farm

Dong Tam Snake Farm – A Must-visit Place in Tien Giang

If you’re interested in new and different experiences in your journey to Vietnam, Dong Tam Snake Farm, Tien Giang Province, the Mekong Delta is indeed a great place to explore. At this farm, everything is totally different from what you have ever enjoyed in anywhere of the Mekong Delta. It’s not like feelings at lush fruit plantations, or hustling floating markets or narrow canals with shadows of green coconut leaves, but it’s a good chance to know about snake species with different characteristics in the Mekong Delta.

The architecture of Vinh Trang Pagoda

Vinh Trang Pagoda – An attraction to visit in Tien Giang

Located about 70 kilometers to the south of Ho Chi Minh City, Tien Giang is famous for glorious chapters in history, rich culture and unique cuisine. That’s why it’s always top billing in any itinerary to explore the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. One of the points which make Tien Giang a hotspot is Vinh Trang Pagoda, probably deemed as an iconic image of this province.

Rice paper cakes in Ben Tre

My Long Rice Paper Cake Village – Top Places To Go in Ben Tre 2019

My Long rice paper cakes have long been famous to tourists thanks to the simple yet tasty cakes. These bear the true love of the land and the locals living in this evergreen coconut land.

Phung Islet

Phung Islet – What to Explore in Ben Tre

Are you weary in body and spirit? Don’t worry since you can take a nap under the cool shadow of the garden trees, drink tea made from honey as well as enjoy some delicious fruits. It's the big highlight of Phung Islet you just can’t ignore once landing on this place.

Dong Sen Thap Muoi

Dong Sen Thap Muoi Eco-tourist Site

If you are searching for a stop where you can perceive the serenity of the countryside or a wet land and explore its charming beauty, Dong Sen Thap Muoi eco-tourist site is exactly a part of your itinerary in Vietnam. The eco-tourist site of Dong Sen Thap Muoi is famous for ravishing lotus ponds; the lotus flowers’ color is slightly pale pink, so it’s no much colorful and expensive like other kinds of flower. It looks like a fragile girl gently moving among cool breeze and its green leaves.