Ho Chi Minh City in Tet Holiday

What to see and do during Tet Holiday, Lunar New Year in Vietnam

Are you curious about how Vietnamese people celebrate their festival? More than that, don’t hesitate to have an excursion to an urban or rural area where you can feel traditional features in the Vietnamese culture especially when Tet holiday is coming. Here is what you should try for this festival.

Ca Mau Floating Market - source tourmientay

Ca Mau Floating Market – Where to visit in Mekong Delta

Ca Mau is well known as the southernmost point of Vietnam, so many travelers desire to explore that land and see what is special there. Among things waiting to be uncovered, Ca Mau Floating Market is definitely great enough to be placed in your bucket list. Do you want to know why? Let’s discover now!

Khai Long Beach

Khai Long Beach – Attraction in Ca Mau

Khai Long Beach is a stunning winding coastline at Khai Long Hamlet, Dat Mui Commune, Ngoc Hien District. With the area of 230 hectares and the length of 3,800 meters, the beach, about 18 kilometers from Ca Mau Cape is an ideal escape at weekends. It’s known that Khai Long still remains unspoiled, compared to many other beaches of the S-country.

U Minh Ha National Park

U Minh Ha National Park – Top Attraction in Ca Mau

One of the top destinations you must experience when making an excursion to Ca Mau is U Minh Ha National Park. Especially if you are a wildlife lover, here is an opportunity to learn about the mangrove forest with different species of fauna and flora and also obtain unforgettable experiences of a wet area.

Khmer Museum - Soc Trang Province

Khmer Museum – Places to Visit in Soc Trang

If history of a new land is in your top concern for a journey, the Khmer museum is surely a must-visit place when you make a trip to Soc Trang Province, the Mekong Delta. The Khmer museum displays dozens of valuable artifacts, presenting the cultural and spiritual life of the ethnic community of Khmer from generation to generation. Something you find out for a visit there is traditional costumes, models of houses, pagodas, and musical instruments.

Bat Pagoda

Bat Pagoda – Top Places to Visit in Soc Trang

Bat Pagoda in Soc Trang Province is also called Mahatúp Pagoda and referred to as a complex of eye-catching structures. And it is the only pagoda where the community of the Khmer people worships Shakyamuni Buddha. The name of Bat Pagoda is because its campus is home to countless bats.

Lush orchards in An Binh Islet

An Binh Islet – Where to Visit in Vinh Long Province

An Binh Islet is among places to visit in Vinh Long since it’s non-touristy. Similar to other regions in the Mekong Delta, you will be overwhelmed by lush orchards and experiences of leisurely cruising on the river, but there are also many other exciting things waiting to be disclosed. Let’s see!

Nga Nam Floating Market

Nga Nam Floating Market – A must-visit Place in Soc Trang

For a Mekong Delta trip to Soc Trang, Nga Nam Floating Market is where you can get dozens of stimulating things in culture, life, and people in the wet area of Vietnam. Just see what’s inside Nga Nam Floating Market so that it can appeal to more and more visitors every year.

DOs and DON’Ts during Tet holiday in Vietnam

DOs and DON’Ts during Tet Holiday in Vietnam

Each time the Tet holiday is drawing near, people start being in a rush to prepare lots of things for welcoming a new year, which makes up the most vibrant and emerging atmosphere any international tourist will find difficult to visualize if having not ever experienced before. It is extremely necessary to understand traditional customs and values of the festival while you join it for your Vietnam tour packages. To do that, let’s explore DOs and DON’Ts during Tet holiday in Vietnam here!

Vinh Sang Eco-tourism Area

Vinh Sang Eco-tourism Area

Vinh Sang Eco-tourism Area is one of the must-visit destinations in Vinh Long, the Mekong Delta. You not only have wonderful moments in the water region of Vietnam, but also know more about the history, culture, and people in there. Just read the so-called guide to Vinh Sang before you decide whether or not to have an excursion there.