Traveling during Tet in Vietnam – Everything You Need to Know

Tet – a traditional holiday of Vietnamese people is coming soon, and there will be numerous stimulating things for an international tourist like you to discover. If being due to travel during Tet Holiday in Vietnam, don’t hesitate to start a Vietnam tour or a Vietnam day trip as you will be surprised, absolutely!

Traveling during Tet in Vietnam – everything you need to know

When is Tet Holiday in Vietnam?

Tet Holiday or Lunar New Year Festival is referred to as the largest and most significant event in the year of Vietnamese. Not only does it play a crucial role in the Vietnamese religious culture, but it is also an occasion for people to relax and stay by their relatives and beloved family members after a hard-working year. The name’s holiday partially reveals the time when it takes place. Tet is held at the beginning of the lunar new year when the warm weather of Springing covers everywhere. Exactly, Tet often starts from the end of January to the beginning of February in the Western calendar, meaning lasting about one week, ranging from the preparing before to doing activities during the holiday. In 2017, the first day of the lunar new year falls on January 28th.

Services during the Tet Holiday

Most businesses in Ho Chi Minh City will close their doors for a few days or even just one day during the Tet holiday because it is also one of the traditional features in the business culture of Vietnamese. Of course, both of themselves and their staff need to have days off for their own Tet. Apart from spending time standing by their family and relatives, the business owners also take advantage of this occasion to seek for advice on how to achieve new successes as well as make their business more thriving in the year new from fortune-telling monk at some pagoda. That is the reason why if you find out any available service when traveling during the Tet Holiday in Vietnam, such as bank, accommodation, spa, or restaurant service, it must definitely be very expensive.

Tourist Attractions in Vietnam

The majority of tourist attractions in Vietnam will appeal to lots of travelers during the Tet holiday since there are lots of activities just organized on this occasion. Furthermore, there are also other two reasons for this crowded perspective. First, it is because the traditional holiday often lasts about one week, considered as a great chance for people to experience Vietnam day trips with their beloved family members after completing traditional rituals at home. Second, Tet is also the time when many tourists from other countries in the world start to enjoy themselves with long cross-country journeys on the first days of a new year after the past hard-working year. Then, do careful research before coming to a travel destination in Vietnam in the Tet holiday.

Robbing and pickpocketing

Tet is the time when all people need more money for house decoration and activities to celebrate a new year. Taking advantage of this holiday, robbers and pickpockets put their evil deeds into action. They often join crowds on the streets, crowded markets, festivals, and even supermarkets to take your belongings away. That’s the reason why you should always be aware of all your valuable items, and it’s better to wear your backpack at your front each time you must move through the crowd.

Keeping an open mind about new things in the Vietnam’s Tet holiday

In general, the culture of Vietnam is quite different from that of Western countries, so there will be lots of things to learn and access when you join the Tet Holiday. Even you will be amazed as if you are stepping into some kingdom when everything is covered with unique colors and characteristics. For instance, Vietnamese people believe that red and yellow are the luckiest colors, so they decorate their houses and gardens with those colors when the holiday is coming soon, and even they also wear red or yellow costumes to celebrate a new year.

Besides, while experiencing Tet Holiday with some Vietnamese family, you would rather learn some wishes, e.g. “chúc mừng năm mới” (pronounced: chook moong numb moi), meaning “happy new year”, “an khang thịnh vượng” (ang khang tinh vuong), meaning good health and thriving life, phát tài phát lộc” (fat tai fat lock), meaning a prosperous year, “vạn sự như  ý” (vant su nhu ee), meaning everything you wish will come true.

Don’t forget to savor traditional Tet food which will perfect your Vietnam day trip during the Tet holiday in Vietnam. A hint for you is to head towards the rural areas where you can easily find out the food well prepared for the holiday, such as banh chung (square cake), pickled onions, boiled chicken, stuffed bitter melon soup, pork braised in coconut juice, etc.



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