Top 3 Beautiful Beaches in Hoi An

Don’t hesitate to start your Vietnam day trips at Hoi An with the top beautiful beaches here. Apart from the gentle charm of the ancient town, Hoi An is also endowed with irresistible seascapes and stunning beaches, which appeals to lots of visitors every year.  Those outstanding beaches definitely bring you the most awesome moments in Vietnam. Then, let’s see how phenomenal and deserving they are for a Hoi An day trip when you are staying in Vietnam. Get started with Cua Dai Beach – the leading beach in the list.

Cua Dai Beach

Cua Dai Beach , Hoi An

4km from the heart of Hoi An Ancient Town is Cua Dai Beach of Cam An Ward. Ever wonder why Cua Dai is voted as one of the most must-visit beaches in Hoi An? It is easy to understand that since the beach is endowed with difficult-to-resist natural elements, such as crystal-like blue water, pear-like white sand, warm sunshine, soft waves, and cool salty breeze. Apart from relaxing at five-star hotels and resorts fringing around the beach, you can also let yourself freely discover attracting nearby areas on two wheels. However, Cua Da nowadays is suffering some erosion from the resort construction, which has disappointed a large number of tourists from many other areas. One noteworthy thing is that you would rather avoid seafood stalls or vendors at the beach because the food is always overpriced. Instead, seek for the remote restaurants.

An Bang Beach

An Bang Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Hoi An

Compared to Cua Dai Beach, An Bang is probably more wonderful a little bit because of its unspoiled charm. Nowadays, due to the erosion Cua Dai beach is suffering, An Bang climbs up at the top of the list of the best beaches in Hoi An. The beach is just 30km from Da Nang Airport and 4km from Hoi An Ancient Town, recognized as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, so it is actually ideal for your Hoi An day trips. It is difficult to figure out how amazing you will feel when hiding yourself under colorful umbrellas of casual bars and enjoying a cool cocktail or just relaxing on soft white sand.   Near there, two outstanding food stalls (Soul Kitchen and Luna D’Autunno) may be good places for you to savor the aroma of the seafood.

Cham Island

Cham Island, Hoi An

Cham Island is also where you can find beautiful and untouched beaches in Hoi An. The beaches are divided into two main tourist zones: Chong Beach and Ong Beach. Lying on the western coast, Chong Beach is about two kilometers from Cham Restaurant at the Cham village. Here, there is more than one way to experience; you can close your eyes and sunbathe on smooth white sand under the blue sky, or join water activities, like jet skiing or swimming. Meanwhile, Ong Beach will be suitable for those who love playing volleyball with locals at sunset or just walk for pleasure. Furthermore, some other beaches are also backdrops for your Vietnam day trips, such as Bac Beach, Xep Beach, Huong Beach, and Lang Beach.

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