5 Must Visit Tranquil Villages in Sapa

It will be not a lie that Sapa is supposed to be an ethereal wonderland since it is fortunately blessed with majestic and fanciful mountainous landscapes with the romantic but dangerous roads. Be curious about it? Let’s discover five must visit villages in Sapa for your Vietnam tour package right away!

Cat Cat Village

Cat Cat village is one of must visit tranquil villages in Sapa

It is just 2km from the Sapa town to Cat Cat Village, so it is too easy for you to make a trip around here. Cat Cat is referred to as an ancient village of the H’Mong people, where many handicrafts have still been preserved; some are flower-planting, jewelry-creating, and weaving. Especially, this village in Sapa is also home to unique traditional customs and rituals which you have probably never found anywhere else. One of the H’Mong people’s remarkable characteristics is that they can create exquisite colorful brocades with eye-catching patterns of trees, flowers, animals, etc. A visit to Cat Cat Village will be an awesome opportunity for you to grab the understanding of brocade-making techniques of the locals.

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Ta Phin Village

Ta Phin village in Sapa

The next stop when you arrive in Ta Phin Village is a moss-covered monastery – an ancient architectural structure in the unique Western design erected in the 19th century. This ancient feature of the structure put in the isolated nearby area makes it more mysterious and encourages travelers to explore. Opposite it to the southeast is Ham Rong Mountain in the shape of a large dragon and endowed with the surprising splendor which there is no word to demonstrate. Of course, brocade club is totally indispensable to your Vietnam day trip to Ta Phin Village in Sapa as this is where you can contemplate colorful brocade products of the Red Yao people.

Ta Van Village

Ta Van village in Sapa

Following National Route 4D to the southeast, you will hit Ta Van Village, 8km from the Sapa town. Coming here, you will take a chance to understand more the lifestyle of the Giay people. The road to the village is quite small, narrow, and not tarred; impressively, lush terraced paddy fields at two sites do make an enthralling natural miniature, getting you more and more excited. The Giay people earn their daily living by cultivating wet rice, forging the cultivation tools, and carving in silver. A visit to the village in Sapa will open your mind to their cultural traditions and treasures, such as about ancestor worship, preservation of poems and literature words, and costumes.

Ho Village

Ho village in Sapa

The Ho Village’s weather is not as cold as the Ta Phin and Ta Van Villages’, so it is ideal to experience here when you have a Vietnam package tour to Sapa. If you choose a motorbike to experience your trip, it is actually so cool. Surely the winding road with the grandiose landscapes at two sites will get your adrenaline going (one site is a deep abyss and another is a high cliff). Until you overcome this challenge, an incredible spectacle of Hoang Lien National Park and terraced paddy fields will appear in front your eyes. It’s amazing! Not only do you soak up the natural beauty of the national park, Lave Stream, and Da Nhay Waterfall, but also experience homestays with the locals to learn about the idyllic lifestyle.

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Sin Chai Village

Sin Chai village in Sapa

Sin Chai, San Sa Ho Commune, 4km from the Sapa town is an intact village which has not been touristy, so the untouched beauty of the village is the most valuable point here. This is home to the Black H’Mong people with the population of 1,400. Besides mainly cultivating rice and corn, they also grow vegetables in relatively plain hills. In general, travelers to Sin Chai Village in Sapa will get a chance to know why the locals have a tranquil life and always smile with anyone they meet. It is a calm perspective in which the humans and nature harmoniously live together.



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