Discovering Cloud Paradises in Northwest Vietnam

Thanks to Mother Nature, Vietnam is endowed with remarkably striking natural landscapes that have never stopped attracting tourists across the world. To turn your Vietnam tour packages into a journey of a lifetime, there should be a list of must-see places of interest in the northwest of Vietnam, where still keeps pristine and mysterious appearance. The nature’s hidden charm will show off its attractiveness through not just bountiful jungles, rivers, lakes but the transparent sky and silky clouds. Those who have a thirst for nature should immediately plan for a trip to some of these cloud paradises in northwest Vietnam below.

Fansipan – Sapa (Lao Cai)

Fansipan – Sapa (Lao Cai)

Dubbed the roof of Indochina, Fansipan is just perfect for those seeking a stunning view at a new altitude. It is not strange that tourists find it super excited to “hunt clouds” even though that is just their first visit. Standing on top of the mountain, riveting distant sceneries, you are guaranteed to have both anxiety and enthusiasm since feeling like a real part of the magnificent nature. At a height of 3,143 meters, the peak is probably an energy challenge, but when reaching the top, you will be sure that it is worth your effort. The best time to have a shoot of soothing clouds usually falls between September and March, when it is utterly cold and frosty, many travelers say.

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Y Ty (Lao Cai)

Y Ty (Lao Cai) is one of the cloud paradises in Northwest Vietnam

Compared to other cloud paradises in northwest Vietnam, Y Ty is perhaps less popular but it does not mean that you should cross out this place in your Vietnam tour itinerary. Located in Bat Xat, Lao Cai Province, Y Ty is covered with marvelous clouds all year round. The period between September and April is often considered cloud-hunting season as during this time of the year, you can admire aimless clouds that are a true magnetic force. The higher you climb, the greater view you get. It will be such fantastic moments that the whole paradise of clear blue sky and white pillow-like clouds wandering appears above your head.

Ta Xua (Son La)

Ta Xua (Son La)

As a natural border between Son La and Yen Bai, Ta Xua mountain range includes three glorious mountains, making for the elegance of nature. Not just for a picture-perfect view of silky clouds but tourists can catch an admirable glimpse of the sky at the sunset or when the sun already goes down and stars twinkle. The way to reach Ta Xua is a little bit challenging due to winding routes, however, the fairy land deserves your try. Once standing on the top, unmistakably, you will wish the time could stand still so that you can enjoy this moment forever.

Ka Lang (Lai Chau)   

To many tourists, Ka Lang is still a place that is unfamiliar in their imagination. As an off-the-beaten-track destination, Ka Lang in Muong Te Commune, Lai Chau Province keeps its unspoiled and breathtaking landscapes, which makes tourists feel like getting lost in a wonderland of wind, clouds and endlessly green forests. Clouds in different places have different shapes and it is also the case in Ka Lang. Vivid clouds in Ka Lang cover the immense sky with special shapes that are sure to amaze any cloud lovers.

Ta Chi Nhu (Yen Bai)

Ta Chi Nhu (Yen Bai)

It is rumored that clouds in Ta Chi Nhu are within your grasp. This is, of course, an interesting hyperbole, but you can entirely long for some experiences like this. At an altitude of approximately 2,900 meters above the sea level, Ta Chi Nhu is not as high as the well-known Fansipan, but it is obviously not a piece of cake to reach the top of Ta Chi Nhu. Many people call this place “ocean in the sky” simply because you can adore amazing close-ups of blankets of clouds. The most suitable time for watching this cloud paradise is winter when it is dry and lacks rain.

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