When is the best time to travel to Nha Trang?

The best time to travel to Nha Trang is between June and August. Those months include a high temperature and humidity which can make you feel hotter and uncomfortable. Nha Trang and its great things surely bring you a wonderful paradise in those unpleasant days.  If you are looking for a place to shirk the hot time and enjoy summer holiday with friends , why don’t you choose Nha Trang – the best Vietnam beach vacation.

" Nha Trang Beach

Among many interesting travel destinations, Nha Trang is the most highlighted Vietnam beach for white sand and water sports. Stretching for plenty of kilometers with blue water beside, Nha Trang is considered as the cleanest beach by many tourists and websites. You can visit Nha Trang any time during the year depending on your work arrangement. However, some months are suitable for water sports, while the others are said to be perfect for sight-seeing, culture-exploring. Here we give you some suggestions:

February and April

The Weather of this time is comfortably cool with average temperature of 25 degrees and the water level is at its lowest during the year. People are usually interested in diving into the ocean because the water is clear and cool so that the coral reefs can be seen clearly. If you love diving or are just curious the world under water, this is certainly the place you shouldn’t miss it. There is a variety of Aquatic plants and creatures you can discover, such as colorful coral reefs, Small Hill, South Reef and thousands of strange-looking species gathering around the coral.

June and August

The months between June and August are also considered as the best time to travel Nha Trang; although the temperature and humidity begin to increase in this period, which can make us feel hotter and uncomfortable, you are still able to find out the other greater things from there to cover your unpleasant feeling. In fact, besides ecotourism, ocean tourism, and boat tour, we can join many interesting water sports like windsurfing, body boarding, parasailing. The weather is so fresh and clear that you can make the most of the lovely landscapes, such as Hon Tam Island, Ninh Van Bay, Institute of Oceanography. Vinpearl Land – entertaining paradise should also be put in your preference. There are a lot of interesting activities there, such as waterpark, thrilling games, performances, magic castles, cuisine towns. That surely can make you enjoy the ocean and forget about the heat.

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September to December

This is the rainy season in Nha Trang lasting in 4 months, from September to December. There will be many heavy rains and storms occurring which can ruin your holiday completely. You can not participate in any beach activities with this weather condition because strong wind can put you in danger and cloudy sky impossibly gives you a clear vision of landscape. Overall, visiting Nha Trang from September to December is not recommended. If you plan to go there in this season, you should reconsider your decision.


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