Juicy Mango

The important fruit of Myanmar – Juicy Mango

One of the native fruit of Asia and especially of South East Asia, Mango fruit become part of the culture of most SEA countries, Myanmar is one of them. When the rainy start in Myanmar, Mango season is not over yet, still available fruits in either green or ripe shape. Generally mangoes are sweet taste and soft texture, plus it can give many beneficial vitamins for human body needs.

plain of jars lao

5 things you didn’t know about Laos

1865 km of the Mekong river flows through Laos, and it is home to the largest waterfall in Southeast Asia, and one of the widest in the world – the Khone Phapheng Falls. The falls (which are more like rapids) are split into hundreds of channels by little islands that are dotted around the river – giving it the nickname the ‘4000 islands. During the wet season they are a truly breathtaking sight.

cat cafe

Vietnam’s animal cafes

Last year was the ‘Year of Friendship’ between Japan and Vietnam and it seems that there are some influences from Nippon, cropping up in Vietnam.

Slow boat laos

Activities in Laos

Laos includes many intteresting places to visit and alot of things to do such as cycling, hiking, trekking and boating. Especially in the country side of Vientiane province and other provinces as well. Each place we can reach easily such as by bus and bicycles, it takes you only three or four hours by bikes to the places which is in the suburbs or country sides, and four hours by bus to another province like: from Vientiane Capital to Vientiane Province.

Kingdom of Wonder

Visit the Kingdom of Wonder

Thinking of visiting the kingdom of wonder. But not yet decide how many days you should spend in the sensational ruins of Angkors and Royal Palace of Phnom Penh? Here are some tips that might help for your travel planning.

Grand Great Ringing Bells

The Grand Great Ringing Bells in Myanmar

Ringing bell is an important element of Buddhist culture and religion. Usually this type of bell is called as temple bell and dedicated for stupa and temples. As a Buddhist country there are a lots of ringing bells are situated in Myanmar and I would like to highlight for the most two famous ringing bells. Each of them is not only well-known for their size and weight but also prominent for their age and history. The two famous bells are Mingun bell and Dhammazedi bell. So let’s we find that why they are so famous.

Picnic Place Prasat Kravan

Picnic Place Prasat Kravan

A picnic wouldn’t be complete without delicious foods and fantastic view for you and beloved. At a place like Siem Reap, there are tons of temple to visit and crowded with tourists, you may find some difficulties to spot for a quality picnic time. If you are looking a nice place where it’s not so bold in guide book, there is a place from Cardamon Sanctuary, called Prasat Kravan where located the east of Angkor Wat Temple and South of Banteay Kdei Temple area.

Burmese Tea Shop Trend

Burmese Tea Shop Trend

Tea shops are an essential part in Burmese life and culture in this time. There are many tea shops in every street in Myanmar. People use these tea shops for amusing and chatting besides drinking tea with a few amount of snacks. There are always gathered customers in every tea shop dawn to twilight.

Cambodia Inspired Valued Souvenir 2

Cambodia Inspired Valued Souvenir

It is really fun to visit a country by inspiring with things that related to the place. A cordial emotion is work on the behind of this desire. People feel close to a country when they wear the clothing or buying a souvenir that encouraged the charm of the places and this trend become a part of tour. To fulfill this desire many boutique houses are launched in a country and they obviously showing a country’s traditional things mixing with modern fashion.

Ancient Time of Bagan 1

Ancient Time of Bagan

Bagan is an ancient archeological city of central Myanmar located in Mandalay region. Early architectural designs, religious monuments, paintings, precious murals and stone engravings define its cultural and social horizon. The famous Italian merchant traveler Marco Polo termed Bagan as a "gilded city alive with tinkling bells and the swishing sounds of monks' robes". The history of Bagan reveals that it was founded in 9th century and it served as the capital city of the Kingdom of Pagan from 11th to 13th century.