How to beat jet lag: 8 handy tips

Loving travel but you are always one of the passengers suffering jet lag on your plane, right? To encounter this long flight to the place of a different time zone, e.g. Vietnam with a Vietnam tour and holiday, some following tips related to how to beat jet lag can help.

How to beat jet lag: 8 handy tips

Preparing yourself

Concerning how to beat jet lag, it is supposed that the first important step is to prevent this feeling right at home. The preparation is indeed simple as you just let your biological clock gradually be acquainted with a new rhythm. It also means that you should do something to shift the clock as a start on the transition in advance, e.g. practicing the habit of sleeping and eating earlier than the usual if you are due to have a flight to the east, or trying to stay up late in the case of flying in the opposite direction.

Flying at night

It is better to take the red-eye as you will attain a chance for a full sleep on the plane. It is also like you go to bed with the full rest at home last night and feel comfortable and ready to wake up for a dreamy trip in the early morning. When making a Vietnam tour and holiday, you are advised to have a night flight as you are at western countries.

Not sleeping when you arrive

Upon arrival, perhaps you will feel thirsty for a quick nap to regain energy from the long night flight. However, try to avoid napping and hit the streets immediately. When your body requires the nap, you will have to stay up late, leading to preventing your internal lock from being reset. Surely, the earlier you can experience the new time schedule, the smoother your trip will be. Be mindful that eating and sleeping should be set according to your internal clock, not your body’s requirement.

Immersing into the sunlight

Go outside after arriving as the sunlight signals to your body that it is still daylight whereby there is no melatonin which should be released to get you sleepy. If travelling to the west, go outside later to stay awake, and getting up early to enjoy morning sunlight when you head towards the east.

Drinking coffee

Another step of how to beat jet lag is drinking coffee. A cup of coffee in the morning will help you stay awake through the day, so it is very good for your excellent day trip. Nevertheless, overdrinking probably makes you tired and jittery, so before going to bed, don’t have an intake of caffeine to get a deep sleep on time.

Cheating with supplements

For travelling east, taking melatonin supplements a few hours before sleeping will be ideal for boosting your clock forwards. That will help you get used to with the time zone of the destination where you are arriving.

Eating light

After jet lag, your body will require food to recover energy, but one thing you should remember is that junk food possibly gets you more tired and uncomfortable. It is strongly recommended that light meals rich in vitamins, such as fruits and vegetables should be picked.

Doing exercise

Of course, doing exercise frequently is believed to be good for our health, yet you will be astonished to know that it also helps decrease the jet lag’s signs. Working out both at home and in places where you are due to travel is ideal for your body to get used to with the new time zone. Therefore, prior to the trip, let’s schedule a clear routine for exercise and practice it when you come to the new region.



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