6 Amazing National Parks in Vietnam

The most exciting and astonishing things are certainly what you crave for before diving into a Vietnam adventure tour. Then, don’t let the following Vietnam’s national parks slip out of your itinerary!

Ba Vi National Park (Hanoi Capital)

Ba Vi national park, Ha Noi, Vietnam

When it comes to Vietnam’s National Parks, Hanoians always insist that Ba Vi is referred to as a deserving travel destination, and the trip there is also a weekend escape for them from the pulsating life of the metropolis. With the breathtaking scenic setting of the rainforest, mountain and a backdrop of clouds, the national park is indeed ideal to submerge into nature and go trekking. Additionally, it will be a chance to see rare and endangered plants and mammals, e.g. “flying squirrel. Another highlight of this Vietnam adventure tour is a temple at the mountain’s peak, which is dedicated to the former President Ho Chi Minh. More interestingly, standing at the peak offers you a panoramic view over the Song Hong valley.

Cat Ba National Park (Quang Ninh Province)

Cat Ba National Park, Quang Ninh, Vietnam

While experiencing a Vietnam adventure tour in Halong Bay, you are strongly advisable to explore Cat Ba National Park, which has been listed in World Heritage Sites as well as recognized as a biosphere reserve of the northern region of Vietnam. It is known that the park is the habitat of valuable mammal genres, e.g. golden-headed langur and endangered primate. Actually, there is nothing more stimulating than hiking up to the mountain’s peak after one 18km route along small trails with the poetic scenery around.

Cuc Phuong National Park (Ninh Binh)

Cuc Phuong national park, Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Arriving in Ninh Binh Province, you will continue your adventure tour at the oldest national park of Vietnam, namely Cuc Phuong. Wonderfully, the park shows up its enthralling landscapes and the peaceful wildlife, which make travelers find it very difficult to resist a glimpse. Try imagining how engaging it will be when you witness the inspiring limestone mountains emerging from the rice terrace paddies and tranquil stilt houses around. Of course, the biodiversity is indispensable to the so-called national park, so Cuc Phuong is also the shelter of rare species of flora and fauna.

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Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park (Quang Binh Province)

Phong Nha – Ke Bang is one of the amazing national parks in Vietnam

Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park is famous for striking caves recognized in the world, so it is always a perfect choice for avid travelers who love Vietnam adventure tours and tend to explore the enchanting magnificence inside the caves. With a range of impressive points, such as historical sites, underground rivers, untouched jungle, and limestone mountains, the park is definitely where you can do fascinating activities, like hiking, paddling, biking, or just relaxing. Especially, if fortunate, you can also get a ticket to experience inside Son Dong Cave voted as the enormous cave on the Earth.

Cat Tien National Park (Dong Nai Province)

Cat Tien national park, Dong Nai, Vietnam

There is no doubt that Cat Tien National Park is actually for those who are fond of nature, wildlife, and outdoor activities. Also designated as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO, the park certainly deserves your trip as it is taken into account as among the lowland tropical rainforests of the S-shaped country. Here is a good opportunity to uncover the habitat of dozens of rare species of animals and plants. Apart from trekking through the forest, the travelers can rent bicycles to ride around the nearby villages of ethnic people and learn about their culture.

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Tram Chim-Tam Nong National Park (Dong Thap Province)

Tram Chim – Tam Nong National Park, Dong Thap, Vietnam

The last national park in the list of the most amazing ones you should not miss when traveling to Vietnam is Tram Chim in Dong Thap Province. It is possible to assert that the park is a fabulous painting of the Dong Thap Muoi region with a rich diversity of flora and fauna species in southern Vietnam. The most special feature about this destination is that it is home to around 200 genres of birds, occupying ¼ the Vietnam’s bird population, some of which are listed in Red Book. That is the reason why you find it hard to resist the trip to this land.


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