vietnam travel guide

Ho CHi Minh city

The Best Time to Go to Ho Chi Minh City

Being a Saigonese, I assert that you can travel to Saigon (which is now Ho Chi Minh City) anytime you desire. Should you miss this destination of Vietnam due to some weather reason, ...


When is The Best Time to Visit Phu Quoc Island?

There is no accurate classification of weather for Phu Quoc Island, but it’s supposed that the level of dry and wet, depending on sunny and rainy days will decide the number of seasons ...

packing tips 1

Helpful Tips for Packing When Traveling to Vietnam

More and more people from many different areas in the world have come to visit Vietnam as it is one of the attractive destinations in the Southeast Asia, where the Create grants humans ...

Waterfalls to visit in Da Lat, Vietnam

Top 5 Beautiful Waterfalls to Visit in Da Lat, Vietnam

It will be a pity if you don’t list the following 5 beautiful waterfalls to visit in Da Lat in your Vietnam journey. The natural charm of those wonders will surely astonish you even ...

place to visit in Moc Chau, Vietnam

The Best Places to Visit in Moc Chau, Vietnam

Are you confused about picking out the best places to visit in Moc Chau, Vietnam from dozens of options from different sites on the net? The information below may help. Hurry up! Be ...

northwest of Vietnam

5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Northwest of Vietnam

While there are numerous reasons a domestic traveler falls in love with Northwest of Vietnam, the followings will surprise foreigners and make them desire to instantly take a flight ...

hoi an city tour 1

How to Spend One Day in Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An is a UNESCO heritage site and one of the most romantic towns in Vietnam, which attract many domestic and foreign tourists to its fresh atmosphere, peaceful villages and antique ...

how to cross the street safely in vietnam

How to Cross The Street Safely in Vietnam

Vietnam is famous for magnetic landscapes as well as the charming and poetic nature, but do you know that big streets of big cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi Capital are always ...

things to do hanoi at night

6 Great Things to Do in Hanoi at Night

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, which brings interesting and wonderful things with itself in order to fascinate many tourists from other countries in the world. Before starting a journey ...

cyclo in vietnam 2

How to Get Around Vietnam on Local Public Transport

Ever wonder which kinds of local public transport are suitable for your plan to explore Vietnam? The followings with useful information, which also includes advantages and disadvantages ...


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