The Best 5-Star Halong Bay Cruises in Vietnam

To relish the marvelous and splendid scenery of Halong Bay, it is supposed that the following best 5-star Halong bay cruises should be considered as you will peer into nature and deeply perceive the scent of a complex of rocks, water, forests and caves. Leave your hesitation aside and start discovering now!

Paradise Cruise

Paradise Halong cruise

While you prefer experiencing leisurely cruises during the journey to explore the Vietnam’s charm, Paradise Cruise – among the best 5-star Halong bay cruises – will not only get you more and more excited, but also bring you unforgettable moments. The first vessel of this cruise brand was operated in 2008. Since then, it frequently changes itself so that the best services are provided for passengers.

Excitingly, Paradise Cruise is regarded as a typical example of the harmonious combination between the Vietnamese traditional style along with multi-faceted cultural aspects and the highest standards found in grand hotels in the world, making it one of the most outstanding cruises in Halong Bay – a world Heritage site by UNESCO. Especially, in 2010-2011, the fleet has been improved as its brand new generation with elegant private boats has been launched, and their premium services continue being offered to passengers.

Signature Halong Cruise 

Signature is one of the best 5-star cruises in Halong bay

Another 5-star Halong bay cruise which impresses lots of international tourists is Signature Halong Cruise. Taken into account as among the largest vessels in the Gulf of Tonkin, Signature Halong Cruise provides the most elegant and comfortable facilities and spacious suites spit into decks, consisting of lower deck, middle deck, top deck, and rooftop sun terrace. The lower deck comprises the reception area and the entrance, and it is where the vessel’s crew will stay during the cruise. About the middle deck, there are double suites plus balconies, family suites with private terraces. It is possible to say that the top deck and the rooftop sun deck are wonderful to experience as you can enjoy culinary delights while gaining the stunning view of the bay and relaxing as well.

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Au Co Luxury Cruise 

Au Co Halong bay cruise

Au Co Luxury Cruise should be picked out from the list of the best 5-start Halong bay cruises in your trip to discover the Vietnam’s magnificence. The vessel of this cruise brand first set sail in 2012, and since then it has taken passengers around all areas of the world heritage site, such as Lan Ha Bay, Halong Bay, and Bai Tu Long Bay. It is easy to realize that modern elements from the West and the traditional Vietnamese design are put in Au Co Luxury Cruise; this mixture creates elegance and luxurious space for the vessel’s cabins (terraces, balconies, and facilities)

Huong Hai Sealife Cruise

Huong Hai Sealife Cruise

It is strongly recommended that you should not ignore Huong Hai Sealife Cruise since you are due to experience the fabulous scenic landscape of Halong Bay, which was designated as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The vessel is designed in a unique and sophisticated style in which each passenger can take a chance to soak into the most enjoyable space and facilities, comprising showering systems, private balconies, lamps, beds, etc. Besides getting a panoramic view of the bay, you can also savor the Vietnamese cuisines or at least have the best moments in Vietnam.

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Valentine Cruise Halong Bay

Valentine Cruise Halong Bay

The alternative in the list of the best 5-star Halong bay cruises is Valentine Cruise Halong Bay, which will wow any tourist who is thirsty for uncovering the miraculous beauty of the Vietnam’s most famous wonder. In general, there are two types of cabin for this cruise: Valentine Suite and Valentine Deluxe. Both of them are designed with rich wooden interior, relaxing ambiance, and comfortable bedding and bathroom. What distinguishes Valentine Suite from Valentine Deluxe is their size and service. While Valentine Suite just offers Double with the size of 30 square meters, the Deluxe has Twin and Double with the size of 19 square meters.

Pelican Halong cruise

Pelican Halong cruise

When it comes to the best 5-star Halong bay cruises, Pelican Halong cruise is definitely indispensable in the list. As the above luxurious cruises, Pelican Halong cruise is also seen as the best way to obtain the great view of Halong Bay and admire the magnetic charm of this marvel. The cruise brand has launched three Pelican boats with twenty-two cabins in each. The bar and restaurant with the imposing sun deck onboard will be a prominent point for the cruise.



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